I’m spending a lot of time collecting trophies and I also use a lot of different trophyrelated sites around the net. I’ll present some of them on this page. – Every Trophy Counts
This is a great trophysite covering trophylists, guides and it has a great forum. This is also the site where I make my guides. even gives you site awards for contributing to the site, like submitting trophylists, guides, roadmaps and more. This is in my opinion, the best trophycommunity.


MMOS Network
The MMOS network is really a big collection of different trophysites that brings a gamerpage, PSN trophyleaderboard and more. Gamerpage
PS3 Trophies Guide: If you want to know trophylists for new games as early as possible, then this site should be in your RSS feed. It also has a great feature that let’s you see the first 50 people that got any platinum trophy.

PSN Leaderboard: This shows the top 100 trophycollectors, as well as the 50 best countries.

PS3 Trophy Card: On PS3 Trophy Card, you can make a trophy card which you can show off on forums. You can either pay 6$ a year for it to update automaticly several times a day, let it update twice a week if you register for free at (and specify your PSN id) or update it manually.

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