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Ridge Racer – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Jan 20 2012

This is actually one of the first trophy lists I’ve seen for the Vita, but it has been in Japanese, until now. There are some lengthy descriptions in some of these trophies, and some of them just make me smile. It’s an interesting list, and I might just get this game based off of it. The list has 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 6 Silver, 34 Bronze and 4 Hidden trophies. This list, like every list I present, is exactly how it is on PSN, barring any spelling mistakes on my side. Reason why I point this out now is that there are some grammar mistakes in the list, but they are there on PSN, so they are here to. And with that rambling out of the way, I present to you, the trophy list of Ridge Racer for PlayStation Vita.

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