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Impressions: Next Gen Portable

Impressions | Posted by Pesico
Jan 28 2011

The PlayStation Meeting 2011 took place in Japan at 7AM Norwegian time. SCEE tweeted that they would cover the presentation for early birds. I myself was a late bird as I stayed up until the show started and followed it with excitement.

First out was PS Suite which will make PlayStation software available on Android devices. It’s great, but I prefer the iPhone so it would be quite the disappointment for me if that was all that was going to be talked about. Luckily for me, they moved on to announce the successor to the PSP, and it wasn’t the PSP 2. They only have a working title for it at the moment, which is NGP, or Next Gen Portable. Wonder what they will end up calling it, but that’s far from important at this time.

NGP from the front Read the rest of this entry »

PSP 2: More And More Tempting

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
Jan 23 2011

This may be the PSP 2So, I’ve had all the PlayStation consoles. PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. In face, I’ve had more than one version of them all. At least for the three first, I played on them a lot. With the PSP, I’ve had PSP 1000, 2000 and lastly, the PSP Go. Yet I haven’t played all that much on the PSP. Lately that may have to do that I don’t feel like the same to play without trophies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t play games just because of trophies, but I like to have something to reach for, like a Platinum or just 100% in some other games. It’s just that I’m not gonna play PSP when I’m at home. PS3 is much better in those situations, and on the go, my iPhone has me entertained enough with games that are more suitable on the go, than the more complex games on the PSP. So I’ve come up with a plan to NOT buy the PSP 2. Knowing Sony, I think (and the devil in me hopes) that they will get me to get one. Read the rest of this entry »