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PlayStation Meeting 2013: PS4 Announcement

PlayStation 4 | Posted by Pesico
Feb 02 2013

On 0:00 CET on Friday February 1st, Sony released a teaser video in all their channels inviting fans to know the future of PlayStation on February 20th when they will hold a PlayStation Meeting 2013 as they call it in New York. Everything points to the reveal of the PlayStation 4. Last time Sony held a “PlayStation Meeting” was in 2011 in Japan where they announced the PlayStation Vita under the working title NGP. The event will be streamed live and both press and shareholders are invited.

If it is indeed a PlayStation 4 reveal, which is all but confirmed, what will Sony reveal? Not everything of course, as they want the main event at E3 2013. I’ve been following twitter for all it’s worth since it broke, here is what I think of the PlayStation 4.

Release date:
They’re using the hashtag #PlayStation2013. It leads me to believe that the PS4 will launch this year before christmas. Recent rumours sadly suggest that will only hold up in US and Japan. It points to an early 2014 release for Europe due to the challenges of releasing stuff over here. Wouldn’t be a surprise, but I would be disgusted if it is true this time to.

The Controller
Will the Dual Shock 3 work? Maybe, maybe not. There looks to be a new controller though, and it may have a similar look to the Dual Shock 3, but with a touchpad in place where the Select, Start and PlayStation buttons are located now, in a simlar fashion as the backtouch on the PS Vita. I don’t mind all that, I think it could be good, as long as it’s used well. I have loved every Dual Shock iteration so far, so I hope it doesn’t deviate to much.

The Specs
I’m not going in to much on the rumours about specs, but it does look like it will be a power house. It may also be more powerful than the new X-box. I don’t care to much about what machine is slightly better than the other. I just want the PS4 to be up to speed at least from the start, and not to difficult to program for which hurt the PS3 in the first years.

There hasn’t been much leaks when it comes to the games. The interesting part is that we do not know what most of Sony’s 1st party studious are working on. Will we get Uncharted 4, Killzone 4 and Gran Turismo 6? I do know I’m eagerly waiting for February 20th and hope we get some answers then. It’s an exiting part to be a PlayStation gamer. That’s for sure, and it can be a lot more exciting when we find out more.