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GTA Stories Games (PSP) Playable on PS Vita in Europe

PlayStation Vita | Posted by Pesico
Feb 13 2012

A few days ago, SCEA announced the 100 PSP games that will be playable on PS Vita in North America. Lots of gamers were disapointed that none of the GTA games was on the lists. Keep in mind that another 275 titles will be playable on PS Vita in North America not long after launch.

SCEE has been tightlipped on the matter, but I have been testing the two PSP games I’ve been most interested in. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. I’m happy to confirm that both of them works with European SEN accounts. If you don’t know what a SEN account is, it’s Sony Entertainment Network Account, the new name for PSN accounts now. But I digress. I wasn’t allowed to take screenshots in the games, but here are a few pictures, one with the game icons on my homescreen, and one each for their respective Live Area screens. You can access the game manuals (who reads those?) on the LiveArea screens.

So how do you get these games on your PS Vita now that the EU Store still isn’t open? Just download them from the EU Store from your PS3. Don’t install them. When downloaded, connect your PS Vita to your PS3 with the USB cable and open up Content Manager. From there, select the games you want to copy over and enjoy.