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GT5 Seasonal Events #6: Ferrari Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
Jan 28 2011

Bonus Race No. 6 went live earlier today and this time, Ferrari makes it’s first appearance in the seasonal events. If you have followed my Race Series Guide over at, you may allready have at least 2 of the cars needed for these races.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia overtaking the Citroën by GT

This is the list of the races:
Suzuki Cappuccino (EA21R) / Clubman Stage Route 5 / 5 Laps
Mazda Roadster RS (NC) / Tsukuba Circuit / 10 Laps
Nissan Skyline Sedan 350GT Type SP / Trial Mountain / 5 Laps
Ferrari 430 Scuderia / Monza Circuit / 5 Laps
Chevrolet Corvette* / Indianapolis Road Course / 5 Laps

*Any Chevrolet Corvette is eligible.

For some tips and detailed info, check out the Seasonal Events portion of my Race Series Guide

Online Collector’s Store
Like usual, the Online Collector’s Store got new inventory as well. This time there is a huge selection of different Chevrolet Corvette’s. The Formula Gran Turismo is also there like it always has been. There are also to very expensive race cars. The Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car ’89 and the Bentley Speed 8 Race Car ’03 will both set you back more than Cr. 5 millions.

As always, stay tuned on this site for any Seasonal Event news. There will also be some special events outside of the Seasonal Events, that may require a patch first. I’ll blog about it as soon as I know anything.

GT5: New Seasonal Events Info

News | Posted by Pesico
Jan 25 2011

Ever since patch 1.05 I have had a lot of joy out of the Seasonal Events, which now is getting updated once a week. GT5 is all about cars and driving them, and the seasonal events forces me to drive cars I may not have driven otherwise. When booting up the game, you’ll get a news message about “Seasonal Events Update Schedule”. It reads as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

GT5 Seasonal Events #5: Touring Car Edition

Guide | Posted by Pesico
Jan 21 2011

Another Thursday and another set of seasonal events. This time you’ll be racing in a 69 year old Volkswagen Schwimmwagen, you’ll be racing on the classic circuit of Cote d’Azur and you’ll use a touring car for a possible one race 2 million profit. Walkthrough after the brake.

Lexus IS F Racing Concept '08 - Seasonal Event #5 Read the rest of this entry »

Remote Races Coming To GT5 In February

News | Posted by Pesico
Jan 14 2011

Remote Races has been one of the promised features for Gran Turismo 5 and was originally planned to be available from December, but was later pushed back. Not much has been said about it, but has been updated with a planned release window to be February.

B-Spec Driver in GT5

Read on to find out more. Read the rest of this entry »

4th Batch of Seasonal Events in GT5 – JGTC/SUPER GT Edition

Guide | Posted by Pesico
Jan 13 2011

Late last night, 5 new seasonal events was added, and at the same time, the 2nd batch expired. Looks like the seasonal events will change up once a week and that you have 2 weeks to finish anyone event. It continues to be no requirements for them, except the car obviously, which means the events are as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Read on to find my tips on how to do them and get a profit of Cr. 3,3 million and gain 350,000 worth of Experience.

High Speed Ring in the Tom's Supra
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3rd Batch of Seasonal Events in GT5

Guide | Posted by Pesico
Jan 07 2011

Late last night, 5 new seasonal event was added. Not only have they been made easier, but there is even more money to earn. Event 4 and 5 nets you Cr. 1 mill and Cr. 1,5 mill respectively for 1st place. They have even made the requirements of the last batch easier by letting us tune the cars as much as we want.

You're driving a Citroen C4 WRC in the 5th race.

This time around we get to drive the Citroën C4 WRC car on the Rome circuit. It’s a very easy race if you buy the few available tuning parts. The car itself costs Cr. 850,000, but if you can get golds in the Sébastien Loeb Rally Challenge (Special Events), you get it for free.

In the other races you get to drive a Toyota Prius G ’09 on Gran Valley East, a Audi TTS Coupe ’09 on Cape Ring North, a Lotus Elise 111R ’04 on Nürburgring GP/F and a Ford GT ’06 on Trial Mountain Revers. If you follow my Race Series Guide, you will get a profit of just over Cr. 3 million out of these 5 races, provided you get the Citroen C4 WRC for free. If not, subtract Cr. 850,000 from that sum.

None of the races where any difficult. For more detailed information about what parts you should buy, check out the Race Series Guide over at

GT5, Paint and the Hours I Did What?

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
Jan 05 2011

Mazda Furai Concept '08

It’s pretty safe to say that I love Gran Turismo 5, and until LBP2 and Mass Effect 2 is out, it’s gonna feature heavily on this blog. I was hoping to write a blog post about what I think of my new Logitech G27 and PlaySeat and how they work with GT5, but I can’t. They’re in each of their own boxes at a delivery depot roughly 30 minutes of car ride away from where I live. So close, but yet so far away.

In stead, I’m gonna talk about what I’m spending time with in GT5 these days. It’s not been much racing, except for the odd grinding Indy – Superspeedway in the American Challenge for money. Apart from getting cars ready for my wheel to arrive, I’ve been collecting colors. Yeah you heard me right, and feel free to call me crazy. I’ve also been collecting Mazda Furai Concept ’08 cars in different colors. I’m up to 6 different colored Furai’s at the moment, but that “Gran Turismo Red”-colored one still finds a way to escape me. And how do I go about getting all these Furai’s you ask? No? I’ll tell you anyway.
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App Review: GT5 Garage

App Review | Posted by Pesico
Dec 31 2010

GT5 Garage
by Jason Billingsley
Price: $0.99

I’ve been playing Gran Turismo 5 non-stop ever since it was released and I sat myself a rather hairy goal. Collect all 1031 cars in the game. Not only is it time consuming, but with the 800 Standard Model cars rotating for space in the Used Car Dealership, it makes it hard to spot them all if not careful. I started out with an Excel spreadsheet, moved over to an un-named internet site that stopped working when I needed it to, so I decided to look for an App.

Selecting cars.

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Gran Turismo 5 Patch 1.05 Impressions

Games, News, Title Update | Posted by Pesico
Dec 21 2010

Sony released a new patch for Gran Turismo 5 today and Polyphony Digital has been hard at work. It weighs in at 608MB. Here are the new features along with my impressions:

・Seasonal Events
[Seasonal Events] have been added to the [GT Mode] – [GT Life] screen. From here you can participate in official online events from the Polyphony Digital team.
In these events, all participants are under the same regulations, and if you complete the event you will win rewards and experience. Compete on the leader boards with players around the world, in Time Trials and Drift Trials!

Seasonal Events consists of 3 modes that will get new events from time to time. The first batch will last from today and until January 6th. First there is Bonus Race. This consists of 5 races with more or less specific participation requirements. These are challenging races where you’re likely to find the right car and tune it correctly to even stand a chance at winning. The reward is great though as you get lots of money and experience from them. They work like Special events where you get money for each position once. This prevents farming, it’s still a nice way to get some money. If you finish first, you get the prize money and experience for finishing in all positions down to 6th. The second mode here is Time Trial. No prizes for this, but you get to fight to get on the leaderboard. Finally theirs Drift Trial where you get to show your skills as a drifter.No money here either, but you get to fight for honor on the leaderboards.

Seasonal Events will sure make it interesting to pick this game up time and time again whenever there is some new events. This is a fantastic addition. It gets a plus for adding fresh races to the single player mode, it’s new ways to earn money and experience and last but not least, they are challenging. That is something that can’t be said about most of the A-Spec and B-Spec races.

・Online Collector’s Dealership
An [Online Collector's Dealership] has been added to the left and centre of the [GT Mode]-[GT Life] screen. In here you will find popular and rare cars.
You might just come across that one car you’ve always been looking for, that you haven’t been able to find in the [Used Car Dealership]

This is a great new addition and the new store is unveiled with the most sought after car of them all. The Formula Gran Turismo, which really is the only car you have to look for in the used car dealership is available. Be fast though, because at unspecified intervals, this store will be updated with new cars.
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Gran Turismo 5 Trophy Guide & Road Map Finished

Guide | Posted by Pesico
Dec 18 2010

Mine's Skyline on Nurburgring Nordschleife

Ever since Gran Turismo 5 released, I’ve been hard at work on the trophy guide for Gran Turismo 5. I’ve had a lot of help from the community at and the guide is now considered finished and submitted. If you want to take a look, here is the link:

GT5 Trophy Guide and Road Map
GT5 Race Series Guide