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My Top Ten Favourite Games on PlayStation 3

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Nov 28 2013

With only hours left until the PlayStation 4 is officially released in Europe (I’ve had mine for a week), I saw it as fitting to give some props to my favorite games on PlayStation 3.

10. Rainbow Moon
When I’m not sure on whether I really want a game or not, I often look to the trophy list. One trophy asked for 100 hours of playtime. I almost didn’t get this game due to that, but I’m glad I changed my mind. 100 hours of playtime was the easiest thing in this game as I probably doubled it and played it for quite a while after I got the Platinum. There’s something about the art, the story and the combat system that got so addictive I couldn’t let go of this game.

9. Resistance: Fall of Man
This is the only launch game on the list and also the only game without trophies on this list. The funny thing is that I played it for about 5 minutes on launch day. Hated it! Months later, a friend of mine started talking about some addictive skill points in this game. I went back to the game and gradually started to really get into it and like it. I ended up getting all the skill points and I have more than 10,000 kills online in this game. The story is great, the atmosphere the game creates is believable. This alternate story of what happened during World War II was very interesting.

8. Gran Turismo 5
Been a huge fan of Gran Turismo since the PS2 days, and this time, I got a wheel with it as well, making it much more fun that I could have hoped for. I played this game almost exclusively for half a year. This game has produced my hardest platinum trophy by quite a margin. Mirror’s Edge was hard, but doesn’t come close. There’s something fun with the career mode. Starting with a crappy car and working yourself up to the race cars. I also made a trophy guide and a race series guide for the game on, and those two threads has combined for almost 2,4 million views. I’m honored.

7. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
The 1st game in my favorite franchise during the PS3 era, made by my favorite developer Naughty Dog. It’s a similar story as Resistance: Fall of Man. I tried the demo. Didn’t like it. Wasn’t going to buy it… until I heard everyone else loving it. I decided to buy it. I ended up loving the game. The graphics at the time was solid, the story was great and it really made me care for the characters. This is probably the best example why I rarely try demos before deciding on a game. It was the 2nd game I made videos from on YouTube and the chapter 2 treasure guide is my most viewed video with almost 300,000 views.

6. Tomb Raider
Uncharted was in many ways the new Tomb Raider. No wonder the guys behind Tomb Raider wanted another krack at it, and I’m very happy that they made this game. I really liked the story approach. This game was about how Lara Croft became the famous explorer she was known for. The story stuck with me and it’s also nice to see a game with a strong female character.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5
GTA was my favorite franchise on PS2 and PSP, but as far as GTA standards goes, I was very disapointed with GTA IV. GTA V on the other hand was what I had been hoping for, and parts of it without knowing. The car handling was spot on, and the 3 character story was also very cool. The characters was also so different to each other that it made it all the more fun. The world is huge and the amazing thing that is GTA Online is that this entire world is available to play with friends as well. There has been many evenings on Skype with a friend or two messing about in Los Santos. This is the best GTA to date.

4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
The 2nd game in my favourite franchise on PS3. The game pretty much improved on everything from the first game. It also added online multiplayer and co-op which I also loved.

3. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
My favourite game in my favourite franchise. It’s always hard for me to rank the Uncharted games, but the reason why I like this one the best is partly because we get to learn some back story to how Drake and Sully got to know each other. It gave me even more reason to care about Nathan Drake, Sully and Elena Fischer.

2. The Last of Us
This is hands down the best story driven game I have ever played. The story about Joel helping Ellie through an infected United States was an emotional one. The development of the father and daughter like relationship between Joel and Ellie is superb. And it’s not only in the cutscenes. The story is told in bits and pieces in fantastic fashion while you play as well with Joel, Ellie and other characters talking to each other. It really feels like your part of the experience. My hats down to Naughty Dog.

1. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars

My favourite game on PlayStation 3 couldn’t be anything else than this. I rarely play games after I get all the trophies. This is without doubt, the game I have logged the most hours on. Even with Gran Turismo 5s 1,000 hours (estimated) this game is what I spent most time with on PlayStation 3. For those that don’t know, this is a game where you control RC cars and your goal is to kick a ball into the opposing teams goal. Kind of like football, just with RC cars in stead.

When the game came out, I had friend over all the time playing this game in split-screen. I still do, but more so online with friends. No game is the same. All the time there is new crazy random stuff that happens that amazes me and my friends. And my room-mate always knows when I’m playing this game, cause I scream like a girl when these crazy things are happening. I simply love this game. Gaming is all about having great moments, and this game has brought it in spades.

Uncharted 2 and NHL 10 Guides revealed

Guide | Posted by Pesico
Aug 25 2009

This is just a heads up that I’m planning to make guides for NHL 10 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. NHL 10 will release on september 17th in europe, while Uncharted 2 has no official release in europe yet, but is expected to come in october. It releases October 13th in North America.

The NHL 10 guide is 80% finished while the Uncharted 2 guide is not even started on (need the game obviously), but I’ve made a teaser trailer for it. Enjoy: