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Elena Fischer to return in Drake’s Deception

News | Posted by Pesico
Jan 16 2011

Elena Fischer/Emily Rose - character and artistI remember back when Uncharted 2 was announced. Myself and most other Uncharted fans wanted to know if Elena Fischer would return. Then at E3 2009, the trailer for Uncharted 2 revealed Elena Fischer. I was so happy back then.
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Uncharted 3 With Offline Co-Op?

Games | Posted by Pesico
Dec 17 2010

I was ecstatic when I heard that Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was announced earlier last week and the excitement skyrocketed with the video at the VGAs and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon shows. With all that in mind, I remember around the time Uncharted 2 was announced, people where worried that single player would suffer due to the inclusion of what could be a tacked on online multiplayer, myself included. Turned out the single player was better than ever and the online multiplayer was a great addition to the franchise. Now I feel the same regarding what could be the signs of offline co-op, perhaps a complete offline co-op campaign. Let’s take a look at the evidence first:

First evidence piece is GameStop’s listing of Uncharted 3:

While it says 1-3 online Co-op (like the last game) and 1-12 Online Multiplayer (6 vs 6 matches?), it’s the line under neath where it says this that is interesting:

- Number of Players: 1-2 Players

This is the amount of players possible in offline components of the game. Assuming this isn’t a mistake, we can expect some sort of multiplayer offline component in the next game, and most likely offline co-op campaign.

The next piece isn’t as much evidence as it is hinting, but take a look at the twitter questions video from the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show below:

Allready at the first question where it is asked whether you can play other characters than Nathan Drake, they start getting giggly. Christophe Balestra avoids expertly and confirms you can indeed play as different characters since they have multiplayer in the game (online that is) and says he can’t reveal anything other than that. 1:55 they get asked more directly about co-op offerings in the game and whether it includes offline campaign co-op as well. There’s some more gigglying from both, but they never confirm if the next game really will have campaign co-op or not.

Now, I wouldn’t call any of this any solid proof, but I would be surprised if there isn’t any offline multiplayer component, whether campaign co-op or not. A fear of them having to make the single player campaign co-op enabled sneaks in, but if I learned anything from Uncharted 2, then Naughty Dog is the company to pull it off in style.

Naughty Dog has also promised that Nathan Drake will face his deepest fears. What about a co-op mini game with a clown version of Call of Duty’s zombie mode? That would be something right?