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Awesome Trophies Episode 1: Two Cups One Girl

Awesome Trophies | Posted by Pesico
Nov 01 2009

“Awesome Trophies” is a feature on that covers awesome trophies, why their so awesome and how to get these awesome trophies.

Two Cups One Girl Bronze trophy
Win two team events with the same female team-mate.
Game: Dirt 2
Difficulty: 2/5 -- Easy

Why is it so awesome?
At first I thought the female drivers wore different cupsizes in Dirt 2. That was before I made a shocking and disgusting discovery. Two Cups One Girl is a reference to the trailer of a pornographic film called Hungry Bitches, that was unofficially nicknamed to 2 Girls 1 Cup. I strongly advice not to search for this on google, but look at people’s reactions upon watching the trailer in stead.

How to get it:
Two Cups One Girl is an easy trophy to get. You have to get to around level 8 (offline) to unlock pro events before you can even try it, but it doesn’t take that long. You have to win two team events with the same female team-mate. They consist of two races where yours and your team-mates points are added together. To win a cup like this, the added total over the two races has to beat the rest of the teams you compete against.

There is no difficulty requirement here so feel free to play on easy if you want. This will also mean you can use the maximum amount of flashbacks (push the select button and rewind to before you made a mistake). The trophy will unlock after you have won two cups with the same female team-mate, which means a total of four races. If you only have one Team event unlocked, you can play the same event twice and still unlock this trophy. Below is a video showing how to get this awesome trophy:

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