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Gran Turismo 5 Platinum Unlocked… and synced!

Platinum Unlocked | Posted by Pesico
May 15 2011

Since November 23rd 2010, when I got Gran Turismo 5 a day early, and until May 4th 2011, I’ve almost only played this game. Sure, I’ve played LBP 2 and Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars when I’ve had friends over, but when I’ve been alone, Gran Turismo 5 has been the game I’ve played. And what a ride it has been.

The game have had 9 patches, some of them has brought some great features. Seasonal Events have been my favorite. The greatest moment was when I finally got gold on Suzuka in the Red Bull Challenge. I used more than 10 hours on that alone, about the same time on the 2 other Red Bull events.

This has without a doubt been my most challenging plat to get, and subsequently, the most rewarding one. And even after getting the plat, there has been one last challenge. To sync it. As most of you know, PSN has been down for about 24 days, and today, finally, I was able to sync the Gran Turismo 5 platinum. So here follows a few stats from the game at the time of completion:

My GT5 Stats
* Game Progress: 97% – still have to do some A-Spec endurance races
* Total Wins: 1,608
* Current Credits: 17,071,298
* No. of Cars Owned: 1,182 – including every car in the game
* Total Distance Driven: 196,633.7 km
* Horns: 99
* Paint Chips: 1,201

I’ve almost driven 200,000 km, and have had 1,608 race wins. The most exiting stat, is time spent, but that is not possible to find out, at least not through normal procedures. Highlighting the save in the XMB does not reveal it. I’m kind of guessing around 800 hours, but without confirming, it’s not really an interesting number. I know it’s a lot of hours, enjoyable hours at that, though. And below is the video of when I unlocked it. Not the best video I’ve made (by far I hope), but it’s there: