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Introducing KittyGotWet Racing Track

KittyGotWet | Posted by Pesico
Apr 10 2011

Polyphony Digital have created some really cool tracks using the Course Maker and it has inspired me to create my own. So I want to welcome you to the introduction of the KittyGotWet Racing Track, based on the Mt Aso theme. It features a long straight with a jump at the end of it and considerable elevation difference.

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Guide section coming

Guide, KittyGotWet | Posted by Pesico
Oct 20 2009

As I write this, my first videoguides for Uncharted 2 treasures is on it’s way to youtube. Just check out my youtube channel. It’s a lot of videos so the entire process might take some time. Either check out my recent uploads or the Uncharted 2 Treausure playlist.

I’m in the early stages of making a guidesection here on KittyGotWet and I believe it will be pretty nice. There might not be to many blogposts right now, but I promise you, a lot is happening in the background. I’ll come back to update when the guidesection is available and also when the Uncharted 2 guide is finished. So stay tuned by following me on twitter or adding this site to your RSS feed.

A KittyGotWet Update

KittyGotWet, Uncategorized | Posted by Pesico
Oct 09 2009

I’ve been very busy lately so I’m sorry I haven’t published the things I promised. There will be some changes to this blog. I’ll post some features now and then and som regular blog posts when I have time. One of those features is will be a recurring blogpost where I post a funny trophy and make a video on how to get it.

I’m also hard at work on making a better guideinterface on and I hope to have it ready by the time Uncharted 2 is out next week. To make things even harder, I got a promotion to the guide team on earlier this week.

In stead of coming in to this site and be disappointed of now new posts, I suggest either subscribe to the rss feed and/or follow me on Twitter.

Welcome to

KittyGotWet | Posted by Pesico
Aug 20 2009

I’m very happy to welcome you all to This will be a blog mainly about games, trophies and what goes on in the gaming world, especially within the great PlayStation family. It won’t be a full out news site, but I’ll give my views on the biggest news out there and what goes on in my gaminglife.
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