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My Top Ten Favourite Games on PlayStation 3

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Nov 28 2013

With only hours left until the PlayStation 4 is officially released in Europe (I’ve had mine for a week), I saw it as fitting to give some props to my favorite games on PlayStation 3.

10. Rainbow Moon
When I’m not sure on whether I really want a game or not, I often look to the trophy list. One trophy asked for 100 hours of playtime. I almost didn’t get this game due to that, but I’m glad I changed my mind. 100 hours of playtime was the easiest thing in this game as I probably doubled it and played it for quite a while after I got the Platinum. There’s something about the art, the story and the combat system that got so addictive I couldn’t let go of this game.

9. Resistance: Fall of Man
This is the only launch game on the list and also the only game without trophies on this list. The funny thing is that I played it for about 5 minutes on launch day. Hated it! Months later, a friend of mine started talking about some addictive skill points in this game. I went back to the game and gradually started to really get into it and like it. I ended up getting all the skill points and I have more than 10,000 kills online in this game. The story is great, the atmosphere the game creates is believable. This alternate story of what happened during World War II was very interesting.

8. Gran Turismo 5
Been a huge fan of Gran Turismo since the PS2 days, and this time, I got a wheel with it as well, making it much more fun that I could have hoped for. I played this game almost exclusively for half a year. This game has produced my hardest platinum trophy by quite a margin. Mirror’s Edge was hard, but doesn’t come close. There’s something fun with the career mode. Starting with a crappy car and working yourself up to the race cars. I also made a trophy guide and a race series guide for the game on, and those two threads has combined for almost 2,4 million views. I’m honored.

7. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
The 1st game in my favorite franchise during the PS3 era, made by my favorite developer Naughty Dog. It’s a similar story as Resistance: Fall of Man. I tried the demo. Didn’t like it. Wasn’t going to buy it… until I heard everyone else loving it. I decided to buy it. I ended up loving the game. The graphics at the time was solid, the story was great and it really made me care for the characters. This is probably the best example why I rarely try demos before deciding on a game. It was the 2nd game I made videos from on YouTube and the chapter 2 treasure guide is my most viewed video with almost 300,000 views.

6. Tomb Raider
Uncharted was in many ways the new Tomb Raider. No wonder the guys behind Tomb Raider wanted another krack at it, and I’m very happy that they made this game. I really liked the story approach. This game was about how Lara Croft became the famous explorer she was known for. The story stuck with me and it’s also nice to see a game with a strong female character.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5
GTA was my favorite franchise on PS2 and PSP, but as far as GTA standards goes, I was very disapointed with GTA IV. GTA V on the other hand was what I had been hoping for, and parts of it without knowing. The car handling was spot on, and the 3 character story was also very cool. The characters was also so different to each other that it made it all the more fun. The world is huge and the amazing thing that is GTA Online is that this entire world is available to play with friends as well. There has been many evenings on Skype with a friend or two messing about in Los Santos. This is the best GTA to date.

4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
The 2nd game in my favourite franchise on PS3. The game pretty much improved on everything from the first game. It also added online multiplayer and co-op which I also loved.

3. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
My favourite game in my favourite franchise. It’s always hard for me to rank the Uncharted games, but the reason why I like this one the best is partly because we get to learn some back story to how Drake and Sully got to know each other. It gave me even more reason to care about Nathan Drake, Sully and Elena Fischer.

2. The Last of Us
This is hands down the best story driven game I have ever played. The story about Joel helping Ellie through an infected United States was an emotional one. The development of the father and daughter like relationship between Joel and Ellie is superb. And it’s not only in the cutscenes. The story is told in bits and pieces in fantastic fashion while you play as well with Joel, Ellie and other characters talking to each other. It really feels like your part of the experience. My hats down to Naughty Dog.

1. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars

My favourite game on PlayStation 3 couldn’t be anything else than this. I rarely play games after I get all the trophies. This is without doubt, the game I have logged the most hours on. Even with Gran Turismo 5s 1,000 hours (estimated) this game is what I spent most time with on PlayStation 3. For those that don’t know, this is a game where you control RC cars and your goal is to kick a ball into the opposing teams goal. Kind of like football, just with RC cars in stead.

When the game came out, I had friend over all the time playing this game in split-screen. I still do, but more so online with friends. No game is the same. All the time there is new crazy random stuff that happens that amazes me and my friends. And my room-mate always knows when I’m playing this game, cause I scream like a girl when these crazy things are happening. I simply love this game. Gaming is all about having great moments, and this game has brought it in spades.

Spillexpo 2013: PlayStation 4 Hands-On Impressions

Games, PlayStation 4 | Posted by Pesico
Nov 10 2013

For the 2nd annual time, Spillexpo was held in Lillestrøm, Norway, and it was my first opportunity to try the PlayStation 4. I’ve been looking forward to this machine since Sony announced it in New York this last February. On Friday and Saturday, I got some time with #DriveClub, Knack, FIFA 14 and Killzone: Shadow Fall, and maybe more importantly, time to get a feel for the Dual Shock 4. Here are my impressions of it all.

PlayStation 4
I’ve seen hundreds of photos and some videos of the PlayStation 4, but it ain’t the same thing as seeing it live, with your own eyes. The first thing that strikes me is how small it is. Compared to the 1st Phat PS3, it’s really small. It very much compares in size to the 1st PS3 Slim when it comes to size. It’s amazing to see that they have crammed so much tech into such a small box. It’s almost like they’re starting out with the PS4 Slim. It’s also a very nice looking machine with the line of light going across the middle of the box.

Dual Shock 4
As much fun it is to play games, the most important thing when you look at the big picture is the controller you’re going to use for the next 6-10 years. Over the years, Sony have only slightly iterated the controllers for their PlayStation consoles. The Dual Shock 4 however is the biggest thing since Sony added dual analog sticks and rumble. While it’s still easy to see that Dual Shock 4 is a continuation of past PlayStation controllers, there’s a lot of new stuff. Yes it has a touch pad, and I like it, but the biggest and most improved features of the Dual Shock 4 isn’t the stuff that you can see clearly. Most importantly, there’s the L2 and R2 triggers. They really are triggers this time, and they feel amazing. On PS3, most shooters used L1 and R1 for aim and shoot. You will definitely see L2 and R2 become the standard for aim and shoot on PS4. With their outward curve and tightness when you press them has a really good feel to it. This comes to life in shooters, but it also feels great in racing games as well.

The analog sticks have also been improved. This isn’t a huge thing for me as I’ve been happy with the analog sticks of the past. They now have a hole in them to firmly put your thumbs, and it’s less likely you’ll lose grip, making for a more comfortable experience. More importantly to me at least, is that they are more firm and they don’t move as far as the sticks on Dual Shock 3.

The D-pad and the X, Square, Triangle and Circle buttons also feel very nice. I didn’t get to test the touch pad to much. The only use I found was to switch cars in #Driveclub. It was responsive. The touch pad can also be clicked down, making it for a button that can replace the function of either select or start. In stead of Select and Start button, it’s now Share and Options, which means it’s nice to have the touch pad be a button as well.


This is the game I tried the most, and this game alone will make me get the PlayStation Camera. The 2 lap short demo starts with team selection. In the final version you’ll be able to start your own team, or join a friends team of up to 12 players. Here, there were two teams and you could select one of them. After I selected the Aston Martin, it was picture time, before I could finally start playing the game and get a feel for how it is to play PlayStation 4 for the first time.

The handling in #Driveclub feels solid. It’s not a sim-racer like Gran Turismo, but I wouldn’t call it to arcadey either. Drifting is fairly easy to pull off as well. What makes #DriveClub what it really is, a social racer, is the small competitions during the race, and it’s here the PlayStation Camera comes in as a great addition. It’s not just the lap time that counts, but also these small competitions during the race. In the first part of the lap it’s all about speed during a section of chicanes. You’re pitted against a random racer and while you builde up speed, you see your own speed alongside your own picture, and on the right side, there’s the competitors speed alongside the picture of him or her. Your competitor isn’t driving at the same time as you however. In the middle of the lap it was a cornering competition where you’re supposed to hold the racing line during a section of turns. Toward the end, there was a drifting competition. At the end of the race, your lap time and the points you’ve gained is all summed up and you get your placing. All that is being made much better by seeing the pictures of the ones your competing with. That also leads me to wish that Sony would have added the PlayStation Camera in every PS4, even if the prize would have been higher.

All in all, #Driveclub felt great. The handling was great, and I think I’m gonna love the social aspects with it. Graphic wise, it’s a beautiful game. Just don’t expect the same difference on PS3 to PS4 as it was from PS2 to PS3. It’s just not realistic. I can’t wait to get deeper into #Driveclub when it releases early next year.

I also got to briefly test Knack, FIFA 14 and Killzone Shadow Fall. I didn’t get the feel for Knack as I would have gotten from Jak & Daxter. The few chapters I got to play really was on-rails. Not quite, as you walk the walk yourself, but there’s not much choice here. FIFA 14 felt really good. The presentation is much better than previously, and it’s also nice to see the crowd being part of the game as well, and not just in cutscenes. Killzone Shadow Fall looked great, but I have never been a fan of the series.

The big things I take away from my experiences with PlayStation 4 this weekend is that Dual Shock 4 is a big improvement over the Dual Shock 3. Especially the L2/R2 buttons, but also the analog sticks. It just feels right. I thought the Dual Shock 3 was the best controller in the world, but that was only because the Dual Shock 4 didn’t exist yet.

Graphics wise, you can’t expect the same difference between PS3 and PS4 as it was between PS2 and PS3. PS4 does however look much better still, and it’s better than any video you can do justice. PlayStation 4 is out on November 29th here in Europe. North America gets will get it this Friday November 15th. I just can’t wait for next-gen. I have tried it, and now I want my own!

Resistance: Burning Skies – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
May 03 2012 have gotten the scope on the trophy list for Resistance: Burning Skies. The 1st ever FPS on PlayStation Vita. It looks like a very easy trophy list. The first hidden trophy could theoretically be tied to difficulty, but if it isn’t, it looks like one playthrough and some mopping up should be enough. It also has one online trophy, and all you need to do is to complete one round of multiplayer.

Platinum (P)
Earn all trophies

Staten Island (B)
Successfully complete level 1

Military Ocean Terminal (B)
Successfully complete level 2

George Washington Bridge (B)
Successfully complete level 3

Ellis Island (B)
Successfully complete level 4

Protection Camp (B)
Successfully complete level 5

Conversion Tower (B)
Successfully complete level 6

1 Hidden Trophy

Upgrade (B)
Upgrade a weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Combine (S)
Upgrade both slots of a weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Customise (G)
Upgrade all weapons in the Single Player Campaign

Indiscriminate (B)
Kill an enemy with every weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Variety (B)
Use the secondary fire of each weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Dangerous (B)
Kill 50 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign

Deadly (S)
Kill 100 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign

Lethal (G)
Kill 250 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign

Axed (S)
Kill 25 Chimera with Riley’s Axe in the Single Player Campaign

Overheat (S)
Kill 25 Chimera by detonating their heatstacks in the Single Player Campaign

Boom (S)
Kill 25 Chimera with headshots in the Single Player Campaign

Impaled (S)
Kill an Impaler

Executed (S)
Kill an Executioner

Giant (G)
Kill any combination of 10 Impalers or Executioners

Unnatural (G) (Hidden)
Kill the Abomination

1 Hidden Trophy

Incite (G)
Complete one round of multiplayer


Escape Plan – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Feb 15 2012

Escape Plan is one of the most promising download only titles for the PS Vita. It released in North America today and here is the trophy list. It comes with 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 9 Bronze trophies worth 315 PSN trophy points.

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Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Feb 15 2012

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack comes with 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 10 Bronze and 1 Hidden trophy.

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Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Feb 13 2012

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is the name of Everybody’s Golf in US and it comes with it’s own trophy list. In other words, another game you can platinum twice. The list comes with 1 Platinum, 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 15 Bronze and 9 Hidden trophies.

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Feb 13 2012

ModNation Racers: Road Trip has been one of the most eluding trophy lists. I’ve seen people play it for weeks, but it was first today that it synced with PSN and here I’m bringing the list to you. The list contains 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 7 Silver 36 Bronze trophies, worth 1,200 PSN Trophy points. This has been one of the games I’ve been looking most forward to, but the Ad Hoc related trophies and reviews has me asking questions if I really want this game.

ModNation Legend (P)
Earn all the ModNation Racers: Road Trip trophies to unlock this platinum trophy

Anonymous (B)
Play an Ad Hoc race

Mechanic (B)
Create a kart in Kart Studio

Sculptor (B)
Create a track in Track Studio

Dresser (B)
Create a Mod in Mod Studio

Shopping Spree (B)
Enter the Shop

Time Stamp (B)
Post your time while in a time trial

Post Cards for Everyone (B)
Create a Post Card

Tour 1 Winner (B)
Get 1st place overall in Tour 1

Tour 2 Winner (B)
Get 1st place overall in Tour 2

Tour 3 Winner (B)
Get 1st place overall in Tour 3

Tour 4 Winner (B)
Get 1st place overall in Tour 4

Fill ‘Er Up (B)
Fill your boost meter

Third Eye (B)
Hit 5 opponents with mines in a Career Race

Knockin’ Boost (B)
Drive over 100 boost pads

Shields Up! (B)
Successfully defend yourself with your shield 20 times

Headspinner (B)
Do a 1080 spin and land successfully

Taster Session (B)
Try all the game modes in Single Player Race

Busting Ghosts (B)
Beat one ghost in Time Trial

Trigger Happy (B)
Use all the weapons in the game

Fast Learner (B)
Complete all the race tutorials

Offering Opinions (B)
Rate 10 tracks, 10 Mods, and 10 karts

Pioneer Racer (B)
Post the first Time Trial time on a published track

Drifting Superstar (B)
Earn 100,000 drift points in one drift

The Drifter (B)
Drift 1,000 times in total

Slow and Steady (B)
Win an action race in Career without using any boost or boost pads of any type

Pacifist (B)
Win an action race in Career without firing any weapons

Remixer (B)
Remix a Mod, a kart, and a track

Cashing In (B)
Cash in an Item Pod 50 times

Say Cheese! (B)
Use photo mode in a race or studio

Beat Down (B)
Win your first Ad Hoc action race on a particular published track

Bruiser (B)
Get a total of 200 takedowns

Aggro Racer (B)
Sideswipe 75 opponents

Sharing Karts (B)
Publish a kart and have at least 10 people download it

Sharing Mods (B)
Publish a Mod and have at least 10 people download it

Sharing Splines (B)
Publish a track and have at least 10 people download it

Startline Booster (B)
Successfully boost off the line 20 times

Bonus! (S)
Complete all 5 Tours and pass the Career Stat thresholds

Tour 5 Winner (S)
Get 1st place overall in Tour 5

Bonus Tour Winner (S)
Get 1st place overall in the Bonus Tour

Join the Team (S)
Beat all 30 developer best lap times in career

Level of Merit (S)
Complete all the career challenges

Hoarder (S)
Collect all the tokens in the single player career

Top of the Ladder (S)
Place first on a time trial leaderboard

Dominator (G)
Come 1st in every race in the career

Star Creator (G)
Earn at least 50,000 Create XP

ModNation Superstar (G)
Achieve level rank 28

Gravity Rush – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Feb 12 2012

Ever wanted to defy gravity? If yes, check out this game. This gravity defying list includes 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 10 Silver, 4 Bronze and 22 Hidden trophies.

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Shinobido 2 – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Feb 11 2012

Shinobido 2 is a ninja stealth kind of game that released at the Japanese Vita launch. It will also be a launch game in the western market and I finally snagged the English version of the trophy list. The list contains 1 Platinum, 12 Silver, 20 Bronze and 18 Hidden trophies. The list stacks with the Japanese version so you could get two plats for this game.

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Virtua Tennis 4 [Vita] – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Feb 11 2012

Virtua Tennis 4 comes with 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 7 Silver and 38 trophies worth 1,140 PSN Trophy points.

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