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Fan Mail: How About a Nice Cup of Shut the Fuck Up

Fan Mail | Posted by Pesico
Feb 13 2012

Like every other famous games journalist out there, I get fan mail all the time. I figured I’d make a feature on the site for the more interesting ones. HafuGirl sent this on PSN to me. It was a message with a picture. Of course all in caps. It read:


Embeded was this picture:

After making all these blog posts today, I was very happy to get some fan mail, so I answered back as politely as I could (after checking that HafuGirl has 66 trophies and none of them are Platinums), I thought I should motivate HafuGirl to get some.

“Sweet. Thanks dude. It tasted really good. How about you go earn yourself a platinum trophy eh?”.

That’s was the first edition of fan mail. May there be many more.

PS: I do know I’m not famous, and I don’t really get much fan mail.