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PS Vita – So Close, But Oh So Far Away

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
Dec 28 2011

PS Vita

First of all, I get it, I probably shouldn’t complain as most Western people interested in PS Vita will be eagerly awaiting the February 22nd release of the PS Vita. But then again, when it’s so close to appearing at my doorstep, it’s hard not to get exited.

Fedex brought it from Hong Kong to Oslo (Norway) in a matter of days, and with the power outages in Norway, it got stuck there for a day or two. Now their in the process of shipping it to me with a Norwegian company. I’m afraid it’s gonna take a few more days. If I’m lucky I have it tomorrow, if not, I’ll have it early next week.

The frustrating part is that my PS Vita is only about a 30-40 minute drive away from me. I’d be happy to pick it up myself, but I don’t think I’m allowed to.

I will be getting the Japanese WiFi version of the machine, which supports pretty much every language, a 4GB Memory Card and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, with full English support, including brilliant voice acting by Nolan North like in the console versions. Welcome Park, which is a series of mini games that will showcase Vita’s touch features will also be there, and it comes with trophies!

So until February 22nd, I will be playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Welcome Park. I could go the fast route with them, but that would probably mean me burning through them in a matter of days, making the wait for more games even harder. I plan on not using guides, trying to get everything done without any form of help. I’m also exited about the fact that this will be my first Uncharted game without making a guide for it. Gonna be nice to simply just focusing on having fun. I don’t think that will be a very hard thing to do.

When February 22nd comes around, I will go on a shopping spree and this is the games that I’m most exited about (not including Uncharted).

The Games I’m Most Exited About:
1. ModNation Racers: Road Trip
I loved the PS3 version, and getting this addictive kart racing game on a handheld is something I’m looking forward to. Most exited about the actual racing, but the touch enabled track editor is going to be interesting as well.

2. Unit 13
I didn’t take much interest in this game when it was announced, but my interest has skyrocketed after hearing more about the social features of it. This is a shooter game designed specifically for a handheld. It’s pick up and play, leaderboards, short missions, no campaign story, and daily challenges. Even though it’s a retail game, I’m probably downloading this as I want to be able to immediately get into it when needed on a daily basis. Got to do the daily challenges.

3. Super Stardust Delta
Super Stardust HD on PS3 was the 1st trophy enabled game, and it was awesome. I probably wouldn’t have played it hadn’t it been because of trophies, but I’m glad it made me play it. It’s an addictive game, perfect for handheld gaming. You play in short bursts and always want to beat your high-scores.

4. Everybody’s Golf
Never tried any of these before, but I have heard great things about them. Golf games are usually fun, and I hear there’s a bunch of unlocks and stuff.

Downtime As E3 Gets Closer And a PS3 Reveal

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
May 12 2011

Along with Easter came what started out as maintenance on the PlayStation Network and continued on until we knew there was an external intrusion. PSN had been hacked. Sony was tight lipped on the matter and after a week, they informed us that personal data, including login, hashed passwords and security questions had been compromised. About three weeks later and it’s still down, while Sony are working 24/7 on rebuilding the network to make it more secure. Thankfully all information is intact, so trophies and everything will be the same as we left it.

PSN will be down for at least a few more days, but some good news, unrelated to the downtime will be shown on GTTV tonight, based on a tweet by Geoff Keighley.

geoffkeighley: Big Sony PS3 reveal tonight on GTTV! Single and multiplayer footage coming your way. The countdown to E3 begins!

So what could this be. The game will offer both single- and multiplayer as we’ll see footage of both. Could this be Rockstar’s Agent which was announced at E3 2009? I’m starving for information on that game and would be thrilled if that was the case.

MacBook Pro Update Wishes

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
Feb 22 2011

With 6 Gran Turismo 5 related posts in a row, I figured it was high time to write about something else, and I’m gonna write about what I want out of the impending MacBook Pro refresh taking place on Thursday February 24th.

Right now I have a black MacBook 13,3″ 2,2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo machine. It’s still running fine, but I want a bigger screen and higher resolution. I wanted that for some time now and with the update supposed to take place Thursday this week as well as me starting to work full time from next week, what better time to get a new one right?

Mockup of MacBook ProThe picture above is a mock-up design of how a MacBook Pro in LiquidMetal could look like.

I’ve been following MacRumours and AppleInsider for some time now and there are some exiting rumors. One of them are LightPeak which is a high speed connection that can replace USB, Firewire and the Display Port. It’s also going to be faster than USB 3.0. Another is that the unibody that we see on todays MacBook Pro’s might be replaced with LiquidMetal, which may mean the MacBook Pro’s will be black or at least much darker again. That would be awesome!

What I Need
- 15″ Screen
- Higher resolution (this is given as it’s allready possible with todays MacBook Pro’s)

What I Want
- SSD Disk (fast boot up time, and Applications opens a lot faster)
- LightPeak or USB 3.0
- A black Mac, or a BlackBook Pro if you want

The Rumours

Apple is not likely to add USB 3.0 as they want to go for LightPeak in stead. The question is will it be included in this MacBook Pro refresh? It’s not unlikely at all. A lack of LightPeak or whatever Apple decides to call it, may be the only thing that will stop me from getting a new Mac during this refresh. Whenever I buy a new one, I’ll probably not buy a new one for at least 3 years, and it would suck to have an outdated machine only months or a year into that cycle (read USB 2.0 is slooooooooooooow).

SSD As Standard And No Optical Drive
SSD’s are really fast storage drives, but they are still pretty expensive. Based on recent rumours, they could be implemented in different ways. No big changes in this department is not unlikely, but they may become standard, if only in the higher end MacBook Pro’s or they may be cheaper to add in if you customize your MacBook Pro in the Apple Store online. A rumour that appeared today is that there might be a 8-16GB SSD that OS X will be stored on. This would not be considered the main storage drive of course, but it would improve the start up times on the machine by a lot.

Another possibility is that Apple will scrap the optical drive, making place for a SSD disc (128GB maybe) as OS X and Application storage drive and a big HDD for storing files. This would be great news for me as I have relatively no need for an optical drive. I use it so rarely that I can go for an external one in stead for those few times I need it. With the App Store now available for Mac, there really is no huge need for optical drives anymore for many, and having it at least as an option would give everyone a suitable choice.

Apple has signed an exclusive deal for the use of LiquidMetal. It’s a strong metal that is lighter than aluminum, and it also is a lot darker, which is something I would love. It’s doubtful if Apple are ready to introduce it during this refresh, but if they do, my jaw will drop!

That’s pretty much it. The MacBook Pro’s that are out allready are more than good enough for my use, but I really want LightPeak and cheaper SSD’s. I’ll be sure to follow any rumors and announcements over the next couple of days with excitement.

PSP 2: More And More Tempting

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
Jan 23 2011

This may be the PSP 2So, I’ve had all the PlayStation consoles. PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. In face, I’ve had more than one version of them all. At least for the three first, I played on them a lot. With the PSP, I’ve had PSP 1000, 2000 and lastly, the PSP Go. Yet I haven’t played all that much on the PSP. Lately that may have to do that I don’t feel like the same to play without trophies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t play games just because of trophies, but I like to have something to reach for, like a Platinum or just 100% in some other games. It’s just that I’m not gonna play PSP when I’m at home. PS3 is much better in those situations, and on the go, my iPhone has me entertained enough with games that are more suitable on the go, than the more complex games on the PSP. So I’ve come up with a plan to NOT buy the PSP 2. Knowing Sony, I think (and the devil in me hopes) that they will get me to get one. Read the rest of this entry »

GT5, Paint and the Hours I Did What?

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
Jan 05 2011

Mazda Furai Concept '08

It’s pretty safe to say that I love Gran Turismo 5, and until LBP2 and Mass Effect 2 is out, it’s gonna feature heavily on this blog. I was hoping to write a blog post about what I think of my new Logitech G27 and PlaySeat and how they work with GT5, but I can’t. They’re in each of their own boxes at a delivery depot roughly 30 minutes of car ride away from where I live. So close, but yet so far away.

In stead, I’m gonna talk about what I’m spending time with in GT5 these days. It’s not been much racing, except for the odd grinding Indy – Superspeedway in the American Challenge for money. Apart from getting cars ready for my wheel to arrive, I’ve been collecting colors. Yeah you heard me right, and feel free to call me crazy. I’ve also been collecting Mazda Furai Concept ’08 cars in different colors. I’m up to 6 different colored Furai’s at the moment, but that “Gran Turismo Red”-colored one still finds a way to escape me. And how do I go about getting all these Furai’s you ask? No? I’ll tell you anyway.
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