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Table Top Tanks – Trophy Guide

Guide | Posted by Pesico
May 29 2012

Table Top Tanks - Trophy Guide

Table Top Tanks is the first PS Vita AR game to come with trophies. An AR games is a game that puts the game world in your living room so to speak. Table Top Tanks is a very easy game as far as trophies, but to get the final one, you’ll need a friend with a Vita. For the guide, head over to

My Sony E3 Wishlist

E3 | Posted by Pesico
May 25 2012

E3 is closing in fast now, and THIS is my biggest wishes for what Sony brings to the table.

It was E3 2009, Sony announced that Rockstar was working on a PS3 exclusive. Little more than the logo was shown, and little has been known since, except for confirmation that the game is still in development. At E3 2011, Jack Tretton was reluctant to confirm it was still a PS3 exclusive. Well, I want to hear more about it, mainly when it’s coming out.

Warrior’s Lair
This PS3/Vita dungeon crawler was announced during E3 2011, then known as Ruin. Information has been scarce for this game to, except for the fact that Idol Minds has been taken off the project, with Sony San Diego taking over the development duties. Not a good sign.

Last of Us
I want to know as little about the story beforehand, but I do wanna know one thing. A release date. I’m hoping for a holiday 2012 release date.

GTA Vita
Yup, I want a GTA game on Vita. Nuff said. I also want GTA 3 and GTA Liberty City Stories to be released as HD classics.

Monster Hunter
I have no idea what this game is about, but I want it to release in Japan so the PS Vita can take off over there. If the Vita can’t beat the 3DS, it should at least beat the PSP.

Retail Games on PSN
On the Vita, retail games are also released on PSN, for every game. I want that to start happen for the PS3. And for Plus owners, each and everyone of them should support 1 hour trial. The prices has to be better to. It doesn’t make sense to pay more for a digital release than what a physical one costs in a retail store.

Uncharted 3 DLC
I want more, and I want trophies for it.

Resistance: Burning Skies – Trophy List

PlayStation Vita, Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
May 03 2012 have gotten the scope on the trophy list for Resistance: Burning Skies. The 1st ever FPS on PlayStation Vita. It looks like a very easy trophy list. The first hidden trophy could theoretically be tied to difficulty, but if it isn’t, it looks like one playthrough and some mopping up should be enough. It also has one online trophy, and all you need to do is to complete one round of multiplayer.

Platinum (P)
Earn all trophies

Staten Island (B)
Successfully complete level 1

Military Ocean Terminal (B)
Successfully complete level 2

George Washington Bridge (B)
Successfully complete level 3

Ellis Island (B)
Successfully complete level 4

Protection Camp (B)
Successfully complete level 5

Conversion Tower (B)
Successfully complete level 6

1 Hidden Trophy

Upgrade (B)
Upgrade a weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Combine (S)
Upgrade both slots of a weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Customise (G)
Upgrade all weapons in the Single Player Campaign

Indiscriminate (B)
Kill an enemy with every weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Variety (B)
Use the secondary fire of each weapon in the Single Player Campaign

Dangerous (B)
Kill 50 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign

Deadly (S)
Kill 100 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign

Lethal (G)
Kill 250 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign

Axed (S)
Kill 25 Chimera with Riley’s Axe in the Single Player Campaign

Overheat (S)
Kill 25 Chimera by detonating their heatstacks in the Single Player Campaign

Boom (S)
Kill 25 Chimera with headshots in the Single Player Campaign

Impaled (S)
Kill an Impaler

Executed (S)
Kill an Executioner

Giant (G)
Kill any combination of 10 Impalers or Executioners

Unnatural (G) (Hidden)
Kill the Abomination

1 Hidden Trophy

Incite (G)
Complete one round of multiplayer