Fan Mail: How About a Nice Cup of Shut the Fuck Up

Posted by Pesico
Feb 13 2012

Like every other famous games journalist out there, I get fan mail all the time. I figured I’d make a feature on the site for the more interesting ones. HafuGirl sent this on PSN to me. It was a message with a picture. Of course all in caps. It read:


Embeded was this picture:

After making all these blog posts today, I was very happy to get some fan mail, so I answered back as politely as I could (after checking that HafuGirl has 66 trophies and none of them are Platinums), I thought I should motivate HafuGirl to get some.

“Sweet. Thanks dude. It tasted really good. How about you go earn yourself a platinum trophy eh?”.

That’s was the first edition of fan mail. May there be many more.

PS: I do know I’m not famous, and I don’t really get much fan mail.

4 Responses

  1. GhostViper says:

    Congratulations on getting a funny fan letter. And a nice new…hmm…”spalte”(N)…

  2. ZERO says:

    Lol I got the exact same message from that person on the 13th. Though mine was just the picture.

    I also got a new one on the 17th saying “go f*** yourself.” Was wondering if you had the pleasure of that as well? lol

    By chance do you post on the PS Blog much? because I don’t know why else some random person would send me a message through psn.

    • Pesico says:

      I’m active in lots of places, so it’s not that big of a surprise. I get stuff like that once every blue moon:p I did get a reply from him (he loves caps): “OH NOW YOUR MAD CAUSE YOU’VE BEEN CAUGHT FAKING YOURS UP. SUCK TO BE YOU DOESN’T IT TROLLBOY.”.

      Funny he mentions the word “Troll”. Wonder if he’s looked himself in the mirror lately:p

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