Asphalt: Injection – Trophy List

Posted by Pesico
Feb 07 2012

Asphalt: Injection is a racing title with a complete multiplayer component, as in, you can race against other people online face to face. The trophy list make no effort to hide that as you have to win 100 races online among other things to get the Platinum. The list contains 1 Platinum, 5 Gold, 9 Silver and 19 Bronze trophies worth 1,185 PSN (or is that SEN now?) trophy points. It also appears that the game stacks, meaning you can get 2 Platinums for this game. One for the EU/US version and one for the Japanese version of the game.

Asphalt Domination (P)
Collect all Asphalt trophies

First First! (B)
Finish in 1st place!

Three in a Row! (B)
Finish in 1st place 3 times in a row!

Contender (S)
Win 10 multiplayer races

Legend (G)
Win 100 multiplayer races

Photo finish (S)
Finish 1st in a MP race less than 1s ahead of the 2nd-place finisher

Persistant (B)
Complete 50 races

Veteran (S)
Complete 100 multiplayer races

Perfectionist (S)
Obtain the maximum amount of stars for all events in a league

Accomplished (G)
Finish every race in Career Mode

Lickety Split (B)
Collect 25 Nitro power-ups in a single race

Velocius (S)
Collect 35 Nitro power-ups in a single race

Collection Master (B)
Collect more than half of the purple cash items in a Collector race

Brute (B)
Knock down 10 opponents in a race

CARnage! (S)
Knock down 15 opponents in a race

1, 2, 3 (B)
Perform 3 knockdowns in 10 seconds

Berserk (S)
Perform 5 knockdowns in 20 seconds

Harasser (B)
Perform at least 3 knockdowns on the same opponent

Shakedown (G)
Knock down each opponent at least once in a single race

Drift Warrior (G)
Knock down an opponent while drifting

Drifter (B)
Earn over 2000 drift points in a single race

Tire-Greater (S)
Earn over 3000 drift points in a single race

Around the world (G)
Earn over 1000 drift points in a single drift

Drift to the beat (B)
Earn over 500 drift points in a Beat ‘em All race

Bouncing Bucket (B)
Jump 1000m in a single race

Catapulting Clunker (S)
Jump 1500m in a single race

Safety First (B)
Complete a Normal Race without crashing once

Spotless (B)
Complete a Normal Race without touching a wall

Get Away From Me! (B)
Complete a Normal Race without touching an opponent

Survivor (B)
Win an Under Pressure race without crashing once

Air Time (B)
Hit at least 1 jump in each lap in a single race

Blowout (B)
Finish each lap in first place in a single race

Show-off (B)
Cross the finish line while drifting

Too Good (B)
Win a race without using Nitro

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