Lumines Electronic Symphony – Trophy List

Posted by Pesico
Feb 04 2012

“Stack, bust and groove as the king of rhythmic puzzle games makes its debut on PlayStation Vita”. The list contains 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 9 Bronze trophies for a total worth of 315 PSN Trophy Points.

Winner Takes It All (G)
Unlock all Skins and all Avatars.

Time Stands Still (S)
Erase 30 Squares in Stopwatch Mode – 30 Seconds.

A Perfect Storm (B)
Use a Chain Block to connect at least 25 blocks.

Journey’s End (S)
Clear all Skins in Voyage Mode.

True Believer (B)
Play for over 3 hours within 24 hours.

Lucky 5 (B)
Create 5 Squares with 1 Shuffle Block.

Black Belt (S)
Unlock Master Zone 5.

Prodigy (B)
Achieve a BONUSx3.

The DJ Is In The House (B)
Create, save and then clear 12 Playlists.

A True Pioneer (B)
Clear 10 Skins in Voyage Mode.

New Recruit (B)
Get a total score of 50,000.

Thank You (B)
Watch through the entire Credits sequence.

Avatar Addicts (B)
Use Avatar Abilities 200 times.

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  1. randellaUk says:

    Bah very annoyed another full priced game like katamari with no platinum.

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