EA Sports FIFA Football [Vita] – Trophy List

Posted by Pesico
Feb 03 2012

Yesterday I tweeted a link to a video made by mimihamburger that have filmed the list. Now I have seen the full list on PSN and here it is. The list contains 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 10 Silver and 26 Bronze trophies worth 1,140 PSN trophy points.

Soccer Legend (P)
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

Pinpoint Accuracy (B)
Score a goal using the screen (touchscreen) shot, or a rear touch pad shot

Sharp Shooter (S)
Score 50 goals using a touch shot

Pressure is On (B)
Score a penalty kick using a touch shot

You Pointing at Me? (B)
Make a successful direct pass using the touchscreen

Thread the Needle (B)
Make a successful through pass using the touchscreen

Control the Open Space (B)
Make a successful lob pass using the touchscreen in a match

Nimble Fingers (B)
Score a touchscreen or rear touch pad goal from a touchscreen pass

Pass Master (S)
Make 100 successful passes using the touchscreen

All My Own Work (B)
Win a Match with Manual Controls

Safe Hands (B)
Play any match as the Goalkeeper with no assistance

Perfect Keeping (B)
Play as the Goalkeeper in a Kick-Off match and finish with 100% Saving Accuracy

Once in a Lifetime (S)
Score as the Goalkeeper in any match

Aerial Threat (B)
Score a header in a match with a player with the Aerial Threat Speciality

Crosser (B)
Create a goal with a cross with a player with the Crosser Speciality

Distance Shooter (B)
Score from outside the box with a player with the Distance Shooter Speciality

Playmaker (B)
Create a goal with a player with the Playmaker Speciality

Poacher (B)
Score from inside the box with a player with the Poacher Speciality

Woodwork and In! (B)
Score off the post or cross bar in a match

Training Time (B)
Work on your skills in any Arena Practice Mode

Back of the Net (B)
Score 5 goals in the Arena

Warming the Gloves (B)
Make 10 saves in the Arena

Home and Away (S)
Play and win every Stadium

Home Maker (B)
Change the Home Stadium of any team

FIFA for Life (G)
Spend 50 hours on the pitch

Around the World (S)
Play a match with a team from every league

In the game (B)
Create a Virtual Pro

Rising Talent (S)
Complete 100 Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro

Virtual Legend (G)
Play 100 matches with your Virtual Pro

Against the Odds (B)
Win a Head to Head Ranked Match using a weaker team

Experimental (B)
Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches with different teams

In for the Win (B)
Take a Head to Head Ranked Match to extra time with a weaker team

Good Form (S)
Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches without losing

Hundred and Counting (G)
Play 100 Head to Head Ranked Matches

Mastermind (B)
Have a substitute score a goal in Career Mode

Good Week! (B)
Get yourself selected in the Team of the Week in Career Mode

Great Month (B)
Win the Manager of the Month award in Career Mode

Established Keeper (S)
Play a season as a goalkeeper in Career Mode

It’s in the Blood (S)
Go from being a Player to the Manager (or Player Manager) in Career Mode

Folklore (S)
Become a Legend as a player in Career Mode

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  1. Canne says:

    In my opinion, not a ps vita game that i would choose, fifa is better on console ;)

    Thanks for the trophy lists (all of them ;) )

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