Touch My Katamari – Trophy List

Posted by Pesico
Jan 16 2012

Not sure what to say about “Touch My Katamari”. Looks like a weird little game, all I know is, it’s got trophies. It has 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze trophies, which will give you 300 PSN trophy points, which is pretty normal for a PSN game. Enjoy the list.

Fanatic (G) [HIDDEN]
Obtained the ultimate fashion item.

Hoarder (S)
Collected all Presents.

Connoisseur (S)
Collected all objects within the Curio Collection.

The King of Style (S)
Collected all of the King’s fashion items.

Sweet Talker (S)
Used 3 Candy Tickets at the same time.

Katamari Noob (B)
Completed “Make It Big: Playtime”.

Congratulations! (B)
Completed all Requests.

We Love Cousins (B)
Rolled up all Cousins.

Long Live Katamari! (B)
Unlocked Eternal and Katamari Drive modes for all Requests.

Katamari Aficionado (B)
Collected all songs.

Katamari Fan Damacy (B)
Obtained a Fan Damacy for the first time.

5 Responses

  1. Canne says:

    Hell yeah! xD I love these crazy games.

    A little disappointed by the way… If this game is retailed, why no platinum? XD

    However thanks for the new list ;)

  2. Pyramat says:

    It’s a retail game, but you can probably buy it on the Playstation Store as well. Hopefully retail games without a platinum isn’t a regular thing on the Vita…

    • Pesico says:

      Ah thanks, didn’t know. I heard it’s a small game though, so that explains the small list. Every Vita game will be available from the PlayStation Store.

  3. Canne says:

    no problem, i will pick this up anyway XD

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