WipEout 2048 – Trophy List

Posted by Pesico
Jan 12 2012

While the bigger trophy sites don’t dare to touch the PS Vita trophy lists, I decided that I want to spread the word, for any games that I can. Keep in mind that since the Vita is only out in Japan, some lists are only in Japanese. I’m only able to share trophy lists in English, and lists that I can compare based on what people on my friends list has. Thankfully I have a couple of Sony employees on my list, and that helps out. Today I’m sharing the list for WipEout 2048, and yes, it’s time to beat Zico again. The list has 1 Platinum, 6 Gold, 9 Silver and 15 Bronze trophies, totaling out at 1,215 PSN trophy points.

This is WipEout! (P)
Obtain every Trophy in WipEout 2048

2048 Champion (B)
Complete the 2048 season

2049 Champion (B)
Complete the 2049 season

2050 Champion (B)
Complete the 2050 season

Completist (S)
Complete all events in the Single Player Campaign

Elite Completist (G)
ELITE PASS every event in the Single Player Campaign

2048 Elite 1 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on the C Class Time Trial on Capital Reach in 2048

2048 Elite 2 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on Empire Climb Zone Mode in 2048

2048 Elite 3 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on the C Class Combat Event on Metro Park in 2048

2049 Elite 1 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on the B Class Race on Unity Square 2049

2049 Elite 2 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on the A Class Time Trial on Metro Park in 2049

2049 Elite 3 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on Downtown Zone Mode in 2049

2050 Elite 1 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on Queens Mall Zone Mode in 2050

2050 Elite 2 (B)
Get an ELITE PASS on the A Class Race on Empire Climb in 2050

Prototype (S)
ELITE PASS all Prototype Ship Challenges

Speed Thrills (S)
ELITE PASS any A+ Class Challenge

Multiplayer Begins (B)
Finish an Online Multiplayer event

1 Down, 19 To Go (B)
Complete your first Online Multiplayer Level

50 MP Events (S)
Finish 50 Online Multiplayer events

Halfway There (S)
Complete 10 Online Multiplayer Levels

Multiplayer Finished (G)
Finish the Online Multiplayer Campaign

Multiplayer Completist (G)
Complete all nodes in the Online Multiplayer Campaign

50 Kills (B)
Destroy 50 ships in Online Multiplayer

Rank 25 (S)
Reach Rank 25

Rank 50 (G)
Reach Rank 50

Beat Zico (G)
Altima, C Class, Speed Lap, Pir-hana Speed – beat 52.00 seconds

Mach 1.5 (G)
Reach Zone 65 in any Zone Event

The Unlucky 7 (S)
Destroy 7 opposition ships in any Race in the Single Player Campaign

2048 Speed Pads (S)
Hit a total of 2048 Speed Pads

Perfect Pir-hana (S)
Get a Perfect Lap in the Pir-hana Prototype, in the A Class, Unity Square, Speed Lap

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