Welcome Park – Trophy List

Posted by Pesico
Jan 01 2012

Welcome Park is collection of small mini games that introduce you to PS Vitas different functionalities, like front- and rear touch, the camera and Sixaxis. It comes included with every PS Vita and offers trophy support. It has 1 gold trophy, 1 silver trophy and 11 bronze trophies worth 285 points. A little lower than the usual 315 points you get with PSN games, but you get it for free, so it’s not bad. Below is the list itself, complete with pictures. Click on the pictures to see the full-res version of them.

Note: The first trophy in the 3rd picture is the same as the last trophy in the 2nd picture.

3 Responses

  1. Canne says:

    Did you get the 100%? How difficult it is? :)

  2. Canne says:

    xD lol ;) lovely they add them to a tutorial :) hope we’ll eventually se something in Playstation home :)

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