NCIS Game Announced

Posted by Pesico
Sep 21 2011

NCIS is easily my favorite TV Show, and season 9 got underway yesterday in USA. What better time to announce that on October 27th, assuming in USA due to this being a Tuesday, will see the release of NCIS, a game made for PS3, 360, PC and Wii.

I don’t expect this to be game of the year, as games based on TV shows rarely turn out that good, but this gets me really exited anyway. In NCIS The Game, or whatever it’s called, you’ll investigate crime scenes as Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, conduct forensics analyses as Abby Sciuto, perform victim autopsies as Ducky, interrogate and break suspects as Gibbs and use satelite tracking as special agent McGee. There will be four episodes in the game, spanning exotic locales such as an Atlantic City Casino to a luxury hotel in Dubai. You’ll tasked to solve these four crimes, as well as solving an overarching plot line.

I really hope this game at least will be decent, and will bring with it the humor from the show. I’ll be all over this game when it comes out the week before Uncharted 3.

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