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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Rewards

News | Posted by Pesico
Jun 25 2011

Uncharted is my favorite franchise in video gaming and I’m extremely exited that the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta is only a few days away. For PS+ subscribers and those that pre-ordered inFamous 2 will get access to it on Tuesday, June 28th. Everyone will get access from Monday, July 4th. There has been a lot of great information on Uncharted 3 Multiplayer, and I talked a little bit about it here. Naughty Dog posted some details regarding the Beta here and there are some juicy details there.

As usual, and for good reasons, your rank in the Beta won’t carry over to the retail release. There will however be rewards in place for the retail version, depending on how much you play the Beta. They are as follows:

* Exclusive UNCHARTED 3 PSN Beta Tester Avatar – for simply downloading the Beta.
* Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 1 – for completing 10 matches in every mode of Competitive Multiplayer.
* Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 2 – for completing 5 matches in every mode of Co-operative Multiplayer.
* Treasure Hunter’s Starter Pack – for completing 4 Treasure Sets in the Beta.
* Handsome reward of in-game cash on day one – for ranking up to level 25 in the Beta (the level cap in the Beta).

No details as of yet on those, but I could speculate. It’s nice to get an exclusive PSN Avatar for beta testing the game. I’m definitely gonna use that one during the Beta, no matter if it looks cool or not. The Decal Packs should include ways for you to customize your characters. The same probably goes for the Tresure Hunter’s Starter Pack. It’s also nice to see that dedicated players that reach the level cap in the Beta will get some cash to use on decals and boosters when the retail release hits stores in November.

The Beta will last for three weeks. In week one, you’ll be able to play Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Three Team Deathmatch and Co-op Arena on the Airstrip and Chateau maps. Week two continues with Airstrip and Chateau maps with Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Team Objective and Co-op Hunter as the available modes. In the final week, the modes available will be Team Deathmatch, Three Team Deathmatch and Co-op Adventure on the Airstrip, and until now, the unannounced Yemen map. Picture underneath.

Regarding if we can follow our stats on Naughty Dog’s website, Arne Meyer teased gamers that they have some cool things in store for Well, consider me exited. I know I’ll be spending a lot of time with the Beta and I’m going to go for all the rewards mentioned above.


E3 Breaking News: PS Vita Release and Agent Exclusivity

E3, PlayStation Vita | Posted by Pesico
Jun 07 2011

Geoff Keighley, the host of GameTrailers fantastic live coverage of E3 just had an interview with Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), and some news came out of it.

Yesterday, Sony announced that PS Vita, the new Sony handheld will release in all regions by the end of the year. It’s always confusing whether they mean fiscal year or calendar year. In the interview, he specified that it was still not locked down completely as it depends on demand and production, but that it would be out by the end of the fiscal year in all regions. He also confirmed that Japan would get it by the end of the calendar year. This means Europe and USA might have to wait until March 2012 until getting their hands on PS Vita.

Keighley also asked about Agent, which was announced exclusively for PS3 on E3 2009. He couldn’t confirm whether it was still an exclusive, but it’s still in development and it will look great on PS3. I don’t mind multi-platform games, so this might not be a bad thing, but I really wanted to see what Rockstar can make focusing only on the PS3.

So there you have it, we might have to wait a few months longer for PS Vita and we might have to share Agent with the 360, but when they arrive, I’m sure we will have a good time with them.

E3 2011: Preview

E3 | Posted by Pesico
Jun 05 2011

E3 2011 starts tomorrow with press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and finally Sony’s wich is the one I’m looking most forward to. On Tuesday, Nintendo has it’s press conference, and that is also the day when E3 officially opens.

Pre E3 Week
The week leading up to E3 has been a huge one, especially for Sony fans. There has been a lot of new info on Uncharted 3: Among Thieves. The Limited Edition has been revealed to contain the ring featured in the game complete with a necklace, a belt buckle and a Nathan Drake figurine. I might actually start wearing the ring, unless it’s plastic. In US, there will be a steel case edition, but Europe is getting something even better. The game will come in a box replicating Drakes journal. This means I get a lot of what I wished for. Does Naughty Dog read my blog or do we just think a like?

On Thursday, there was a huge info blow out on the NGP, which might be called the PlayStation Vita, meaning life in Italian and Latin, and being a girls name in another country. The portable Uncharted game was confirmed to be subtitled Golden Abyss and will be a prequel to Drake’s Fortune. Resistance 3 also got some attention when a multiplayer map called Trainyard and located in Bogota, Colombia was given the trailer treatment. It looks promising, and I think less players and more action will suit the multiplayer experience in a very good way.

So, on to what I expect from the press conferences.

Microsoft will open the show on Monday at 6:30PM CET. They have been very silent this year and they don’t have much on the horizon except Gears and Forza. Will they show off some brand new IPs or sequels to some of their (few) exclusives, or will it be mostly 3RD party with exclusive content which they seem to target. What can be sure is that they will show off a lot of Kinect games. Some rumors have been going around that we will see the next Xbox, but I highly doubt that will happen. They have put a lot of money into Kinect, which has been a huge success when it comes to sales. What I’m most worried about is if they’re going to steal another exclusive and we probably won’t know that until the absolute end of their conference when they usually reveal those kind of things.

Sony will have their conference early on Tuesday morning at 2AM Cet, or late Monday night as I like to call it. It’s obviously the conference I’m most exited about as it’s Sony consoles I usually play on. This might be my favorite Sony press conference so far. My 2 favorite franchises gets their 3rd installment in Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3, and you can expect them to be featured their. There has been lots of great stuff about the online mode for Uncharted 3 lately, so I expect them to focus on the single player, at least with their trailer. Will be hard to top the trailer from E3 2009. If they can reveal Elena Fischer to be part of Uncharted 3, I’m very happy, but that is very likely as I’ve written about before. Hopefully they will come with a few surprises as well regarding the PS3.

Sony will also talk a lot about the NGP or PS Vita, which is the new handheld console releasing late 2011 or early 2012. Lots of games have been confirmed, like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Resistance and Call of Duty. This will no doubt be a platform for hardcore players, and if they can keep the price at a decent level, then it should be great for more casual players as well. I hope to see a lot more on LiveArea which is the interface you can get to within games. Here you can download DLC, see trophies and have a interactive feed of what your friends are doing in the game with the possibility to comment on it. With the power of this console, Augmented Reality games might be a success as well. I’m really exited to hear more on the NGP and I hope it will release worldwide this year.

Nintendo will also unveil a new console at E3. Their Wii is not on the same level as the PS3 and 360 when it comes to performance, but it does sell well. Now they are going to come with a much more powerful console, perhaps stronger than the PS3 and 360. It will be exiting to see what they bring to the table with the so called Project Cafe (not the final name obviously). It looks like the controllers will have screens, which I just can’t see the point of. History could repeat itself though as both Microsoft and Sony might come with new consoles in 2-4 yeas. If it’s closer to 2 years, Nintendo will continue to lack on the hardware front.

Who will win E3?
I don’t really car who wins. I hope everyone will do well. I hope Microsoft don’t steel more exclusives from E3, but other than that, good luck. It will be exiting to see how Sony will deal with the PS3 outage and how they will spin itself out of that to bring us what we really want to hear. Will Kevin Butler make a return here? I sure hope so. I have taken the 3 first days of the week off from work so I will probably write about my impressions on the conferences. At least the Sony one. I wish everyone a happy E3 and hopefully there will be a lot to be exited about, no matter what company you support.