GT5 Seasonal Events #16: Supercar Edition

Posted by Pesico
May 26 2011

The seasonal events are speeding up this week with Supercar Festival where cars with 700PP or less are allowed. That’s it, you can almost pick any car with some power in the game. Look below for what car I chose, prize money, experience and of course how the car did it on KittyGotWet Racing Track.

Supercar Festival
* Tokyo R246 – 5 Laps – Cr. 148,300 – Exp. 17,800
* Tsukuba Circuit – 8 Laps – Cr. 141,000 – Exp. 16,700
* Trial Mountain Circuit – 5 Laps – Cr. 143,900 – Exp. 17,700
* Special Stage Route 5 – 5 Laps – Cr. 149,200 – Exp. 17,500
* Eifel (Circuit) 104A – 5 Laps – Cr. 163,500 – Exp. 19,800

* PP: 700 or less

Suggested Car:
I decided to go with a beefed up Nissan GT-R ’07 for these events. If the Mazda Furai had been a premium car, I’d have gone with that in stead. The GT-R costs Cr. 77,000 in the dealership. I added all the aero parts from the GT Auto shop for a total of Cr. 15,000. The tuning parts I got was Weight Reduction Stage 2, Engine Stage 2, Sports ECU, Racing Air Filter, Titanium Racing Exhaust, Catalytic Converter: Sports, High RPM Range Turbo Kit, Soft Racing Tyres for a total of Cr. 64,450. This makes for an easy win, but if you want to grind these events, you should use a car that is closer to 700PP. Keep in mind that the Lightweight seasonal events still is the best to grind in.

KittyGotWet Racing Track
There’s still a long way up to the Mazda Furai in 1st place, but the Nissan GT-R ’07 took a comfortable 2nd place on both the time leaderboard and max speed leaderboard. It went around the track in 1:01.787 and got a top speed of 282KM/H (175MPH).

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