Wishlist: PSP Titles Being Re-Mastered To PS3

Posted by Pesico
May 23 2011

With the success of the HD Collections, which is PS2 games being re-mastered with HD resolution and trophy support, Sony is set to start a new trend. Certain PSP titles are now going to be re-mastered to the PS3, and first out is Monster Hunter. This has made me think what PSP titles I want upscaled to the PS3.

GTA Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories
While I did like GTA IV, I still prefer the previous gen GTA titles, with Liberty City Stories being my favorite. It would be like christmas, new years eve and birthday all at once if they do that with these two games.

Resistance: Retribution
I tried the demo, but I just couldn’t get into the control scheme. Would love to play this as I’m a big fan of the Resistance franchise.

I really like the Jak & Daxter franchise, and this game on the PSP was no different. I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.

And that’s about it. I must confess, I have not played much games on the PSP, so this wasn’t going to be a long list, but I think it’s a good one.

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  1. GhostViper says:

    One game I would like to see on the PS3 (or the NGP) is Crush. I loved that game. I think I will play it again some time soon.

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