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GT5 Seasonal Events #16: Supercar Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
May 26 2011

The seasonal events are speeding up this week with Supercar Festival where cars with 700PP or less are allowed. That’s it, you can almost pick any car with some power in the game. Look below for what car I chose, prize money, experience and of course how the car did it on KittyGotWet Racing Track.

Supercar Festival
* Tokyo R246 – 5 Laps – Cr. 148,300 – Exp. 17,800
* Tsukuba Circuit – 8 Laps – Cr. 141,000 – Exp. 16,700
* Trial Mountain Circuit – 5 Laps – Cr. 143,900 – Exp. 17,700
* Special Stage Route 5 – 5 Laps – Cr. 149,200 – Exp. 17,500
* Eifel (Circuit) 104A – 5 Laps – Cr. 163,500 – Exp. 19,800

* PP: 700 or less

Suggested Car:
I decided to go with a beefed up Nissan GT-R ’07 for these events. If the Mazda Furai had been a premium car, I’d have gone with that in stead. The GT-R costs Cr. 77,000 in the dealership. I added all the aero parts from the GT Auto shop for a total of Cr. 15,000. The tuning parts I got was Weight Reduction Stage 2, Engine Stage 2, Sports ECU, Racing Air Filter, Titanium Racing Exhaust, Catalytic Converter: Sports, High RPM Range Turbo Kit, Soft Racing Tyres for a total of Cr. 64,450. This makes for an easy win, but if you want to grind these events, you should use a car that is closer to 700PP. Keep in mind that the Lightweight seasonal events still is the best to grind in.

KittyGotWet Racing Track
There’s still a long way up to the Mazda Furai in 1st place, but the Nissan GT-R ’07 took a comfortable 2nd place on both the time leaderboard and max speed leaderboard. It went around the track in 1:01.787 and got a top speed of 282KM/H (175MPH).

Wishlist: PSP Titles Being Re-Mastered To PS3

The Wish List | Posted by Pesico
May 23 2011

With the success of the HD Collections, which is PS2 games being re-mastered with HD resolution and trophy support, Sony is set to start a new trend. Certain PSP titles are now going to be re-mastered to the PS3, and first out is Monster Hunter. This has made me think what PSP titles I want upscaled to the PS3.

GTA Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories
While I did like GTA IV, I still prefer the previous gen GTA titles, with Liberty City Stories being my favorite. It would be like christmas, new years eve and birthday all at once if they do that with these two games.

Resistance: Retribution
I tried the demo, but I just couldn’t get into the control scheme. Would love to play this as I’m a big fan of the Resistance franchise.

I really like the Jak & Daxter franchise, and this game on the PSP was no different. I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.

And that’s about it. I must confess, I have not played much games on the PSP, so this wasn’t going to be a long list, but I think it’s a good one.

GT5 Seasonal Events #14 & #15: Muscle & France Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
May 19 2011

Last Sunday, PSN came back online, and Seasonal Events could be enjoyed again. Allready there was the Classic Muscle Car Championship, which originally came hours before PSN was taken down. Eerlier today, Polyphony Digital released another seasonal, the French Championship. All about this is covered in this post.

Muscle Car Championship

Classic Muscle Car Championship
* Daytona Super Speedway – 5 Laps – Cr. 101,700 – Exp. 16,700
* Indy Road Course – 5 Laps – Cr. 116,000 – Exp. 17,300
* Cape Ring Outside – 5 Laps – Cr. 121,100 – Exp. 18,900
* Laguna Seca Raceway – 5 Laps – Cr. 114,600 – Exp. 17,900
* Toscana (Pavement) 104A – 5 Laps – Cr. 130,800 – Exp. 20,100

* PP: 550
* Year: 1980 or earlier
* Country: United States

Suggested Car:
With maximising PP in mind, I choce to buy the Dodge Challenger R/T ’70 and race modify it. To get it to exactly 550PP I had to turn down the power of the engine to 90.2%. I bought Racing Soft Tyres and Rigidity Improvement. Transmission was set to 300KM/H. This makes for a very easy race. For those that want a challenge, rather than maximising profits, can probably do without the Race Modification and play around with tyre choice.

French Championship

French Championship
* Cape Ring Inside – 5 Laps – Cr. 101,400 – Exp. 13,500
* Rome – 5 Laps – Cr. 106,000 – Exp. 14,400 – 6m 09s
* Autumn Ring – 3 Laps – Cr. 113,300 – Exp. 15,400
* Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 – 1 Laps – Cr. 119,000 – Exp. 16,200
* Mt Aso (Tarmac) 104A – 5 Laps – Cr. 123,500 – Exp. 18,200

* PP: Max 500
* Country: France

Suggested Car:
I picked up the Clio Renault Sport at the dealership for Cr. 45,550 and bouht Weight Reduction Stage 1, Engine Stage 2, Sports ECU, Sports Intake Manifold, Racing Air Filter, Titanium Racing Exhaust, Sports Exhaust Manifold, Catalytic Converter: Sports, Racing Soft Tyres for a grand total of Cr. 76,450. That left the car at 492PP after oil change, which gives some room for breaking in the engine.

KittyGotWet Racing Track
The Renault Sport and the Dodge is miles apart in handling and came out in two very different time periods and are from two different continents. Not much equality here, but the lap times and maximum speed on the track was very close. They both came in 2nd and 3rd on both leadership, with the Renault having the edge on top speed and the Dodge with the edge on lap time.

Dodge Challenger R/T RM ’70 – 1:07.807 – 248KM/H (154MPH)
Clio Renault Sport V6 24V ’00 – 1:08.126 – 249KM/H (155MPH)

Gran Turismo 5 Platinum Unlocked… and synced!

Platinum Unlocked | Posted by Pesico
May 15 2011

Since November 23rd 2010, when I got Gran Turismo 5 a day early, and until May 4th 2011, I’ve almost only played this game. Sure, I’ve played LBP 2 and Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars when I’ve had friends over, but when I’ve been alone, Gran Turismo 5 has been the game I’ve played. And what a ride it has been.

The game have had 9 patches, some of them has brought some great features. Seasonal Events have been my favorite. The greatest moment was when I finally got gold on Suzuka in the Red Bull Challenge. I used more than 10 hours on that alone, about the same time on the 2 other Red Bull events.

This has without a doubt been my most challenging plat to get, and subsequently, the most rewarding one. And even after getting the plat, there has been one last challenge. To sync it. As most of you know, PSN has been down for about 24 days, and today, finally, I was able to sync the Gran Turismo 5 platinum. So here follows a few stats from the game at the time of completion:

My GT5 Stats
* Game Progress: 97% – still have to do some A-Spec endurance races
* Total Wins: 1,608
* Current Credits: 17,071,298
* No. of Cars Owned: 1,182 – including every car in the game
* Total Distance Driven: 196,633.7 km
* Horns: 99
* Paint Chips: 1,201

I’ve almost driven 200,000 km, and have had 1,608 race wins. The most exiting stat, is time spent, but that is not possible to find out, at least not through normal procedures. Highlighting the save in the XMB does not reveal it. I’m kind of guessing around 800 hours, but without confirming, it’s not really an interesting number. I know it’s a lot of hours, enjoyable hours at that, though. And below is the video of when I unlocked it. Not the best video I’ve made (by far I hope), but it’s there:

Downtime As E3 Gets Closer And a PS3 Reveal

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
May 12 2011

Along with Easter came what started out as maintenance on the PlayStation Network and continued on until we knew there was an external intrusion. PSN had been hacked. Sony was tight lipped on the matter and after a week, they informed us that personal data, including login, hashed passwords and security questions had been compromised. About three weeks later and it’s still down, while Sony are working 24/7 on rebuilding the network to make it more secure. Thankfully all information is intact, so trophies and everything will be the same as we left it.

PSN will be down for at least a few more days, but some good news, unrelated to the downtime will be shown on GTTV tonight, based on a tweet by Geoff Keighley.

geoffkeighley: Big Sony PS3 reveal tonight on GTTV! Single and multiplayer footage coming your way. The countdown to E3 begins!

So what could this be. The game will offer both single- and multiplayer as we’ll see footage of both. Could this be Rockstar’s Agent which was announced at E3 2009? I’m starving for information on that game and would be thrilled if that was the case.