Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Posted by Pesico
Apr 18 2011

This video is the first official footage of what promises to be an awesome multiplayer competitive experience. No details on Co-op multiplayer yet, but it was confirmed to be in and will also see improvements.

50 seconds into the video above, you can see a Medal Kickback activated, in this case the “RPG!!!” medal kickback. It looks to work similar to kill streaks in COD, but based on getting medals rather than kills. Customization is also a big part of the multiplayer and it covers character, weapon and emblem customization.

Character customization includes changing the look and feel of your characters, including your favorite heroes like Nathan Drake. Weapon customization is not only visual, but also functional in the way that certain attachments give you different aiming methods and more. Emblems is a three layered customization process and you’ll see the emblem on your character, and sometimes also in the maps you play on. Great stuff Naughty Dog!

UC3 Multiplayer - Nathan Drake shooting from a plane

Another thing that has gotten me exited is missions. Missions can unlock items and modifiers, but what on earth are these missions? There are in fact two types. One of the types are instant missions, while the others are accessible from the Multiplayer menu and will be more long term. Instant missions just appears within a match and will give you a target that you can reach within a few matches. The longer ones that you activate from the multiplayer menu will take a long time, but in turn, will give you greater rewards.

The Multiplayer beta has been confirmed to start worldwide on June 28th 2011. In Europe, you can get in early by being a PlayStation Plus subscriber or by buying inFamous 2. The deal is pretty much the same in US, but the word “marked copies” in front of inFamous 2 might mean that not everyone buying inFamous 2 in US will get in. More details as that date approaches has been promised.


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