Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Likes Facebook

Posted by Pesico
Apr 18 2011

There hasn’t been much news about the multiplayer in Uncharted 3, but that is about to change, as Naughty Dog recently invited journalists to see, play and talk about the multiplayer in Uncharted 3. USA Today was first out of the box with information.

Facebook & YouTube Integration
From within the game, you will be able to see which Facebook friends are on PlayStation network, and whether or not they have posted updates or videos, which brings me to direct YouTube uploads. In Uncharted 2, you could save your multiplayer matches as videos within the game and watch them, but they where only gamecode files, and not video files, making it impossible to upload directly to YouTube or export it to a computer. Now, you will be able to upload directly to YouTube, which will give more people the possibility to share great experiences with the game. I know I had a fair share of them with the previous title. It’s limited to 90 seconds, which is actually pretty good and usually more than enough to share those awesome moments. There where also mentioned that you could share that you find a treasure within the game, and the first 5 people to like said post can get an in-game gift.

Uncharted TV
In the pre-game menu, there will be feeds called Uncharted TV where you’ll see clips uploaded by users and selected by Naughty Dog. I have found myself constantly searching YouTube for great clips when I wait for the next multiplayer game to start, and this is a great way to have that experience within the game.

New Multiplayer Types
There will also be some new multiplayer types, maybe partly as a result of the lab playlists Naughty Dog has tested with Uncharted 2. There will be a new Team Deathmatch mode of three teams of two players each and a free for all where 8 players will battle it out until only one is left victorious. Another huge thing is that split-screen multiplayer has been confirmed. No details yet, but it’s great to see this being implemented. Underneath I will put some bullet points as to what has been confirmed so far:

* Multiplayer beta will start on July 7th and some of the ways of getting it is pre-ordering inFamous 2 and having a PlayStation Plus subscription. Expect the US and EU blogs to give more accurate info on this as we gets closer.
* Sprinting confirmed for multiplayer. Not sure if I like this one.
* More customization options, including character, weapon and emblem (maybe) customization.
* You can kick off a person hanging next to you on a ledge.

Sources: USA Today, VGN365 VIA TheSixthaxis

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