GT5 Seasonal Events #13: Lightweight Edition [Updated]

Posted by Pesico
Apr 14 2011

It’s time for new seasonal events, and based on the Online Collector’s Dealership, it’s not surprising that it’s time for Lightweight Cup. Todays suggested car should not be confused with coffee. I’m actually very surprised at how cool it looks in race modded shape and colors. If you don’t know what car I’m talking about, take a look at the photo and read on.

Cappuccino Race Modded

These are the races in the Lightweight Cup:
* Deep Forest Raceway – 3 Laps – Cr. 90,700 – Exp. 16,800
* Eiger Nordwand Short Track – 3 Laps – Cr. 98,000 – Exp. 17,200
* Circuito de Madrid – Mini – 3 Laps – Cr. 95,900 – Exp. 17,400
* Rome Circuit / Reverse – 3 Laps – Cr. 91,500 – Exp. 16,900
* Eifel (Kart) / Change Time / 104A – 3 Laps – Cr. 101,700 – Exp. 17,800

* PP: Max 420
* Specified car list, full list in the game. Only lightweight cars though, so if it can’t be carried, then it won’t participate here.

Suggested Car:
The races are short and the experience are decent, so I decided on the car with grinding in my mind as a good car will reward you with very good XP per minute if you race them over and over again. I ended on a Suzuki Cappuccino, hence the coffee talk above. I race modded, and added Engine Stage 2, Sports ECU, Racing Air Filter, Catalytic Converter: Sports, Soft Sports Tyres for the total sum of Cr. 27,450. The car it self only costs Cr. 14,600, but the race modification costs Cr. 114,500. You’ll easily get your money back in the 5 races and more. The best race for experience grinding is the last one. With this car I finished in 3 minutes and 15 seconds which is a very good 5,477 XP/Min. If you want a brake from grinding on Indy, this might be your best bet.

Cappuccino on KittyGotWet Racing Track

This also marks the first seasonal events after I made the KittyGotWet Racing Track. That means I tested the Cappuccino on that track and it becomes the second car to make an appearance on the leaderboard. It was obviously no match to the Mazda Furai and it won’t be surprising if the Furai and the Cappuccino will hold the top and bottom of the leaderboard for quite some time. The Cappuccino sat a time of 1:24.714 with a top speed of 190 KM/H.

In Other News
While there where no surprise we would see a Lightweight Cup this week based on the Online Collector’s Store, there would also be no surprise if we’ll see some classic muscle car in next weeks seasonal events. I personally don’t like driving old cars, so I hope we get a surprise in stead. The previous seasonal events are still there, and the expiry date has been changed to “–”, meaning they don’t have an expiry date. So they might be permanent, or at least staying for a good while.

Update: Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept ’07
Since this is in fact, the most rewarding race in the game right now, I felt it important to update with the best car possible for this. That is the Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept ’07. It costs Cr. 30,000 in the Dealership, but you can get it for free by getting silver on all National B Licenses. Then add Chassis Weight Reduction Stage 1, Rigidity Improvement, Engine Stage 3, Sports ECU, Racing Air Filter, Titanium Racing Exhaust, Catalytic Converter: Sports, High RPM Range Turbo Kit, Racing Soft Tyres for a total of Cr. 140,450. If you include an oil change, it will get to 417PP, leaving 3PP under the cap, and some room for breaking in the engine should you continue to grind these events. If you should go over the limit, you could use the power limiter.

I also took this car for a spin on KittyGotWet Racing Track, and it crushed the times and speeds of the Cappuccino. It clocked in at 1:17.587 with a top speed of 211 KM/H (131 MPH). Good enough for 2nd and pushing the Cappuccino down to 3rd.

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