Introducing KittyGotWet Racing Track

Posted by Pesico
Apr 10 2011

Polyphony Digital have created some really cool tracks using the Course Maker and it has inspired me to create my own. So I want to welcome you to the introduction of the KittyGotWet Racing Track, based on the Mt Aso theme. It features a long straight with a jump at the end of it and considerable elevation difference.

The Track in numbers:
* Track Length: 3,068.4 m
* Straight Length: 958.8 m
* Elevation Difference: 75.8 m
* Corners: 24

I will use this track to test every car I suggest in Seasonal Events from now on and put the times and top speeds on a leaderboard. To introduce the track and set the first entries on the leaderboards, I wanted to use what has become my favorite car in the game, the Mazda Furai.

The car can be won as early as Amateur Series in B-Spec by winning the NR-A Roadster Cup. For an additional Cr. 106,000 towards tuning parts (Rigidity Improvement, Engine Stage 3, High RPM Range Turbo Kit, Racing Soft Tyres), you have yourself a racing machine that can win EVERY no limitations race in GT5, provided you have a good enough driver. In A-Spec it is a dream to drive and should not be to hard to win every eligible race.

With the tuning parts mentioned above and with a broken in engine, it got 577BHP, which might not be a lot, but considering this car only weighs 675kg, it can put down very fast lap times. With the set-up I’m using, it has 689 on the Performance Points index. Underneath, you can see a video of exactly how it did on KittyGotWet Racing Track.

The Furai (風籟), meaning ‘Sound of Speed’, did the lap in 0.54.904 with a max speed of 314 KM/H – 195MPH. It’s obviously in 1st place as it’s the first car to be driven on the track, but it will be fun to see how other cars stack up against this beautiful beast of a car. Stay tuned to KittyGotWet for information and tips on Seasonal Events as they get released in Gran Turismo 5.

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