The Wish List: Uncharted 3 Limited Edition

Posted by Pesico
Mar 14 2011

After looking on different forums and thinking a little bit for myself, I decided I wanted to write a post about what I want in a Limited Edition of Uncharted 3. There is no word yet if they will actually make a limited edition for it, but it’s a very safe bet they’ll do. So here are my wish list:

Steelbook Casing
The most important thing of any Limited Edition or regular version is no doubt the game it self, knowing Naughty Dog, it will be great. Now, this masterpiece of a game deserves a great packaging and I think nothing is better than a steelbook casing. Uncharted 2 European Limited Edition had it and several other games have had it. I wish all big games had this as a requirement for Limited Editions.

Drake’s Ring in a Necklace
Nothing is better than something you can actually use, whether just for show or that has an actual use. Fallout: New Vegas came with an actual Lucky 38 Chip (solid material) and I actually carry it in my pocket as it has brought good luck for me ever since I started bringing it with me. I’m not really superstitious, but it certainly doesn’t hurt me. Looking at the latest trailer for Uncharted 3, it looks like this ring is part of the plot in this game, and it would make a great part of a Limited Edition. It could be something I’d end up wearing as my current necklace is due for a replacement anyways.

Drake’s Journal
Nathan Drake always carries his journal with him on adventure’s and bringing a physical copy of it into a Limited Edition would be really cool. In the game, it contains everything from clues and information Drake needs on his journeys to drawings of Sully’s expressions.

I love the Naughty Dog logo and that with some combination of Uncharted 3 graphics on a T-Shirt would make me very happy.

DLC Codes
Maybe some skins for Multiplayer or Golden weapons again (so I can more easily find and put to rest anyone using them) are things that many people would like.

That’s about it. When it comes to the Uncharted series, I’d be content just to get the game wrapped in a colorless box with no fuss on. The game will make me more than happy enough, but it doesn’t hurt if the Limited Edition gives the game justice. The necklace with a ring and journal is no doubt on the top of my wish list. As soon as I hear anything of the actual Limited Edition, if they make one, I’ll blog about it.

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  1. GhostViper says:

    That would be an awesome LE of Uncharted 3.

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