PlayStation Official App Now Available in Rest of Europe

Posted by Pesico
Mar 10 2011

The PlayStation Official App is now available in a lot more European countries. The full list at the bottom of this post. It’s the same version that was made available in select countries a while ago and which I wrote about.

PlayStation Official App

It’s really great to to have the App available across Europe. What is even greater to know is that they are working on an update for the app. To set the language in the App on the iPhone, go to Settings and scoll down to PlayStation on the App list. On Android devices, the language is decided based on what the global setting on the device is. Underneath are the full list of language support and availability.

* Arab Emirates โ€“ English
* Ireland โ€“ English
* Belgium โ€“ French
* Belgium โ€“ Dutch
* Luxembourg โ€“ French
* Luxembourg โ€“ German
* Switzerland โ€“ French
* Switzerland โ€“ Italian
* Switzerland โ€“ German
* Austria โ€“ German
* Portugal โ€“ Portuguese
* Denmark โ€“ Danish
* Norway โ€“ Norwegian
* Finland โ€“ Finnish
* Sweden โ€“ Swedish
* Poland โ€“ Polish
* Russia โ€“ Russian
* Australia โ€“ English
* New Zealand โ€“ English
* Greece โ€“ Greek
* South Africa โ€“ English
* Czech Republic โ€“ Czech
* India โ€“ English
* Turkey โ€“ Turkish
* UK โ€“ English
* Spain โ€“ Spanish
* Netherlands โ€“ Dutch
* France โ€“ French
* Italy โ€“ Italian
* Germany โ€“ German


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