PlayStation Plus Gets Online Storage

Posted by Pesico
Mar 09 2011

Have you ever wanted to back up copy protected save files? Have you ever wanted to bring up your save files on a friends PS3? Still on the fence about PlayStation Plus? If you answered yes on one or more of these questions, you may be in luck. Sony just announced Online Storage for PlayStation Plus Subscribers. They also revealed it will be available starting tomorrow when Firmware update 3.60 goes live.

PlayStation Plus

Online Storage is a way to back up your save files online and Plus subscribers will have access to 150MB of storage and can save up to 1,000 save files. Copy protected save files can also be stored online, but has a 24 hour window before it can be downloaded to a secondary PS3.

Should your PlayStation Plus subscription expire, your Online Storage will be locked away from you, but the files will be there for 6 months. As long as you subscribe to PlayStation Plus before 6 months have passed, your save files will be there waiting for you.

Using Online Storage is easy:

Back Up
1. Select “Game -> Save Data Utility”.
2. Highlight the save you want to back up.
3. Press “Traingle” to open the Option Menu and select “Copy”
4. Select “Online Storage”

1. Select “Game -> Save Data Utility -> Online Storage
2. Highlight the save files you want to Copy
3. Press “Triangle” to open the Option Menu and select “Copy”.

There you have it. Personally I’m very happy to get this. I usually back up my saves, but this will make it easier. Being able to back up copy protected save files is huge. It will also be really cool to access your own saves when on a friends PS3. If you’re allready a Plus member, be sure to have automatic downloads turned on and it should be there when you wake up tomorrow (European readers).

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