GT5 Seasonal Events #9: Classics Edition

Posted by Pesico
Mar 03 2011

First, the seasonal events updated like clockwork every Thursday. Then they announced that it would update on Thursdays, but could sometimes come at plus minus a day. What happened after that was that some weeks, they didn’t update at all. Rant aside, they updated earlier today and with 5 new events called World Classic Car Series. More details on that after the break.

Alfa Romeo Giulia on two wheels

In the World Classic Car Series, you’ll get the choice of driving cars from 1969 or older and it can not exceed 550 PP. The AI cars will range from 450 to 500 PP. The best car to use is the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 Carroxxata Da Zagato ’65. The easiest way of getting this car is to win the Historic Racing Car Cup in B-Spec mode. If you’re rich and want to waste money, you can pick it up in the dealership for Cr. 10,000,000. No parts needed on it to win the race. It comes with Hard Racing Tyres. I picked up Soft Racing Tyres for the extra grip though. The 5 races are as follows:

- Cape Ring South / 5 Laps
- Laguna Seca / 3 Laps
- Monza / 3 Laps
- Tokyo R246 / Revers / 3 Laps
- Eifel (Kart) 103A / Change Time / 5 Laps

More details in my Race Series Guide.

Online Collector’s Dealership
Mazda Furai from behind

As usual, the Online Collector’s Dealership also updated with new cars. The highlight for me was the Mazda Furai which appeared for the third time if memory serves me correct, and this time it was in a very cool color scheme. Dark gray with red colors on the rear spoiler. I picked it up of course and it was my 9th Mazda Furai for my collection, all in different colors. There are of course a bunch of cars eligible for the World Classic Car Series as well.

Mazda Furai

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