Mid-Race Save Coming To GT5

Posted by Pesico
Mar 01 2011

One of the most often requested features for Gran Turismo 5 is “Mid-Race Saves” during Endurance Races. Polyphony Digital has not commented on this request, until now, in the form of Kazunori Yamauchi’s tweet.

Sorry. Save in the middle of the race. Now under development. RT @ andrepeniche: I want to stay in front of the TV just to play the race does not have 4,9 or 24 hours, but I love GT5, unfortunately, I can not put an end to it.

“Under development” doesn’t really give us a time frame, but we’ll probably get some more information on a later date. I still haven’t done any of the 9 hour or 24 hour races, and being able to save mid-race in those would be awesome. Stay tuned as I will follow any updates on this.


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