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GT5 Seasonal Events #11: Pickup Truck Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
Mar 27 2011

Despite what they’re going through over in Japan, last Thursday, Polyphony added yet another set of seasonal events in the form of a Pickup Truck Race. For those wanting to help Japan, take a moment to download the Sunrise Blossom theme on the PlayStation store. It comes in several different prizing options depending on how much you can spend. With that out of the way, let’s continue on with this weeks seasonal events.

Pickup Truck Race

These are the races in the Pickup Truck Race series:
* Tsukuba Circuit – 5 Laps
* Fuji Speedway F – 3 Laps
* Nürburgring Nordschleife – 1 Lap
* Grand Valley Speedway / Reverse – 5 Laps
* Mt Aso 103A (Tarmac) – 5 Laps

The other races were extended. Pickup Truck Race series along with the old events now have an expiry date of April 7th. Read the rest of this entry »

The Wish List: Uncharted 3 Limited Edition

The Wish List | Posted by Pesico
Mar 14 2011

After looking on different forums and thinking a little bit for myself, I decided I wanted to write a post about what I want in a Limited Edition of Uncharted 3. There is no word yet if they will actually make a limited edition for it, but it’s a very safe bet they’ll do. So here are my wish list: Read the rest of this entry »

Insomniac Clicking It’s Way To Facebook

News | Posted by Pesico
Mar 13 2011

Insomniac Games is known for making AAA games for the PlayStation consoles, recently the Resistance and Ratchet & Clank series, and is also developing an unannounced multiplatform game. Today they announced a new division within the company called Insomniac Click, which is developing a game on Facebook.

In what was a wall of text, that I found interesting mind you, Brian Hastings wrote about what a game is and how social games you normally find on Facebook isn’t considered games and how they wanted to change that. In short, they want in on the action, because Facebook games have turned into a gold mine. Don’t get me wrong, I love Insomniac Games, and I’m sure they are passionate about this, but at the end of the day, it’s a business move, and a smart one at that. So here’s hoping they will make something fun. Farmville isn’t cutting it for me. The game they are making, whatever it might be, will be free, probably with some sort of possibility of paying for stuff. They didn’t go into detail about it, but said we would hear more in the coming months. I will sure follow this with interest to see what they come up with.

Free Realms Heading To PSN

News | Posted by Pesico
Mar 12 2011

MMORPG Free Realms have been out for the PC for nearly two years. Today, Sony finally announced that it will come to PSN on March 29th and there will be no need to change the name of the game as it will be free. Like the PC version, certain modes and features will be locked for payed members.

One month membership comes in a $4.99 and lifetime membership at $34.99. There will also be options for 3 and 6 months memberships. The game will feature a complete trophy set of 46 trophies which means you probably can start getting trophies for free now. While no more details where announced regarding trophies, I would expect that the Platinum will some how require a membership.

Personally, I’m not sure if I should be exited or not, but I will keep an eye out for this game and see if it’s something I wanna play. Keep in mind that no release dates outside North America has been announced.

GT5 Seasonal Events #10: Japanese 80′s Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
Mar 11 2011

The seasonal events was updated yesterday and this time it’s all about Japanese 80′s Classics. In a change of events, the Online Collector’s Dealership did not update. Read on to find out the details.

Japanese 80s Festival

These are the races in the Japanese 80′s Festival:
* Tsukuba Circuit – 5 Laps
* Tokyo R246 – 3 Laps
* Cape Ring – 2 Laps
* Clubman Stage Route 5 – 5 Laps
* Eifel (Kart) 103B (Change Time) – 3 Laps

* PP: Max 550
* Year: 1980 or Later, 1989 or Eearlier
* Country: Japan

Suggested Car:
I chose to use the Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX TT 2seater (Z32) ’89 which is a premium car that can be bought for Cr. 39,500 in the Dealership. Since the max PP is 550, I gave it a performance parts in the tuning shop until it showed 549 PP. This to find out the maximum XP/Min for each race. I also fitted it with Soft Racing Tyres and an oil change.

All the races lasted roughly 5 minutes. The rewards range from Cr. 78,000 to Cr. 87,000 and 12,000 to 15,000 experience points. The final two races in the series can net you roughly 3,000 experience points per minute, which is quite good. If you don’t plan to repeat these races, there is no reason to upgrade the car to the extents I did. All the details can be found in the Race Series Guide.

Also worth mentioning for people that like to drift is one of the new drifting events. The track there is Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 (No Chichanes). That’s right, you can now drift for an eternity on the longest straight in the game.

PlayStation Official App Now Available in Rest of Europe

Apps, News | Posted by Pesico
Mar 10 2011

The PlayStation Official App is now available in a lot more European countries. The full list at the bottom of this post. It’s the same version that was made available in select countries a while ago and which I wrote about.

PlayStation Official App
Read the rest of this entry »

PlayStation Plus Gets Online Storage

PlayStation Plus | Posted by Pesico
Mar 09 2011

Have you ever wanted to back up copy protected save files? Have you ever wanted to bring up your save files on a friends PS3? Still on the fence about PlayStation Plus? If you answered yes on one or more of these questions, you may be in luck. Sony just announced Online Storage for PlayStation Plus Subscribers. They also revealed it will be available starting tomorrow when Firmware update 3.60 goes live.

PlayStation Plus Read the rest of this entry »

GT5 Seasonal Events #9: Classics Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
Mar 03 2011

First, the seasonal events updated like clockwork every Thursday. Then they announced that it would update on Thursdays, but could sometimes come at plus minus a day. What happened after that was that some weeks, they didn’t update at all. Rant aside, they updated earlier today and with 5 new events called World Classic Car Series. More details on that after the break.

Alfa Romeo Giulia on two wheels Read the rest of this entry »

Mid-Race Save Coming To GT5

News | Posted by Pesico
Mar 01 2011

One of the most often requested features for Gran Turismo 5 is “Mid-Race Saves” during Endurance Races. Polyphony Digital has not commented on this request, until now, in the form of Kazunori Yamauchi’s tweet.

Sorry. Save in the middle of the race. Now under development. RT @ andrepeniche: I want to stay in front of the TV just to play the race does not have 4,9 or 24 hours, but I love GT5, unfortunately, I can not put an end to it.

“Under development” doesn’t really give us a time frame, but we’ll probably get some more information on a later date. I still haven’t done any of the 9 hour or 24 hour races, and being able to save mid-race in those would be awesome. Stay tuned as I will follow any updates on this.