GT5 Seasonal Events #8: Course Maker Edition

Posted by Pesico
Feb 22 2011

The seasonal events updated on Friday last week, but I’ve been away since then, so that’s why I haven’t posted before now. Better late than never right? Anyway, for those that wasn’t all to impressed with the different Drivetrain and Ferrari Formula Challenges will be happy to see the Bonus Races coming back. It’s the format similar to special events when it comes to payouts. You get money for each position once and when you finish 1st, you have gotten all and driving them again will not yield more money, but there’s a very nice reward. In a nice surprise by Polyphony, they now include courses created with the Course Maker.

Bonus Race No. 7
There are 5 new races that will be available until March 3rd. The races take place on Deep Forest in Nissan Micra’s, Suzuka Circuit in Honda Civic’s, Circuito de Madrid in Nissan Z cars, the Nordschleife in Subaru Imprezas and on Eifel (Circuit) in Mazda RX-7′s. The last one is a track created in Course Maker by Polyphony Digital. There’s a wide variety of choices in each of the races as each maker has different cars for each race. Check out the Race Series Guide for suggestions on what cars and upgrades to use. Following it to the letter will give you Cr. 2,256,340 in profit, as well as 250,000 Experience.

Additions To Last Weeks Seasonal Events
The excitement doesn’t end there. Polyphony also added two races to each of the 4 categories from last weeks seasonal events. Equal to all categories are one race with a known track and one created with the course maker. So all in all with the Bonus Race above, there are 5 completely new tracks to race on. I had a great time racing on the Course Maker created track in the Ferrari Formula Challenge. A high speed track with a few turns on hill tops. The expiry date for these events have been extended to March 3rd to match Bonus Race No. 7.

Online Collector’s Store
The Online Collector’s Store also updated as usual, and what an update. With patch 1.06, there are now 30 cars in the store. They have also added check-marks to the cars you allready have in the collection. Great for car collector’s like me. Some of the highlights are the Jaguar XJR-9 LM Race Car ’88, Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Rally Car ’85 and Lance Delta S4 Rally car ’85. The Formula Gran Turismo is also there like it has been since the store appeared with patch 1.05.

The FF, FR, 4WD and Ferrari Formula Challenges got an extended expiry date (March 3rd) to match Bonus Race No. 7. Will this mean we won’t see any new races this week? Only time will tell. And when will we see the GT Drivers Club? If they won’t update the seasonal events this week, Thursday might be a great time to unveil it.

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