GT5: New Patch Going Live On February 18th

Posted by Pesico
Feb 12 2011

Kazunori Yamauchi announced earlier today in a tweet that the new patch for Gran Turismo 5 will go live on February 18th, which is Friday next week.

@Kaz_Yamauchi: In the next update. What day 18 February. RT @ driftlover35r: @ Kaz_Yamauchi PP scheme is implemented or when? Have the same advantage in torque power difference, I get the penalty

The patch will include some fixes to the penalty system which has made the last round of GT Academy a disaster with a bunch of people cheating by cutting corners. It’s also expected to enable remote races. Money prizes from races is also expected to go back to normal, which in case of B-Spec means ridiculously low. So make sure you grind the Dream Car Championship as much as possible before this coming Friday.


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  1. shinronin says:

    “Money prizes from races is also expected to go back to normal…” prize money has been boosted? was there an in-game gt5 news post that i missed?

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