GT5 Seasonal Events #7: Ferrari F1 Edition

Posted by Pesico
Feb 10 2011

Are you one of those people that grinded away, bought one of the Ferrari F1 cars for 10 or 12,5 mill and then realized you couldn’t use them in A- and B-Spec mode? Well, you may be happy about the new seasonal events that after taking a break last week has seen a face lift. In stead of 5 races with huge money and XP rewards there are now 12 races divided into 4 events and the money and XP rewards are considerably lower. On the flip side, you can do them over and over again.

Ferrari F1 event

The new events:

FF Challenge
Tsukuba Circuit – Cr. 16,900 – Exp. 3,060 – 3 laps
Eiger Nordwand Short Track – Cr. 20,000 – Exp. 3,670 – 3 laps
Trial Mountain – Cr. 26,600 – Exp. 4,890 – 3 laps

The only requirement is that you’re using an FF car. The hardest opponents are around 220 BHP and 1400kg.

FR Challenge:
Deep Forest Raceway – Cr. 19,700 – Exp. 4,020 – 5 laps
Suzuka Circuit – Cr. 19,700 – Exp. 3,980 – 3 laps
Cape Ring North – Cr. 24,200 – Exp. 4,890 – 5 laps

The only requirement is that you’re using an FR car. The hardest opponents are around 340 BHP and under 1600kg.

4WD Challenge:
Rome Circuit – Cr. 21,200 – Exp. 3,840 – 3 laps
Laguna Seca – Cr. 26,000 – Exp. 4,780 – 3 laps
Cape Ring – Cr. 32,700 – Exp. 6,000 – 2 laps

The only requirement here is that you’re using a 4WD car. The hardest opponents are around 440 BHP and 1400kg.

Ferrari Formula Challenge:
Tokyo R246 – Cr. 113,500 – Exp. 28,000 – 10 laps
Nürburgring GP/F – Cr. 143,600 – Exp. 35,900 – 10 laps
Road Course – Indy – Cr. 111,200 – Exp. 27,800 – 10 laps

In these events you have to use either the Ferrari F2007 or the Ferrari F10. They cost Cr, 12,5 mill. and Cr. 10 mill. respectively. They can also be won for free by using a LV 24 ticket. You get one when you complete endurance series, one for A-Spec and one for B-Spec. If you struggle here, you can buy Soft Sports Tyres.

Online Collector’s Dealership
As usual, the Online Collector’s Dealership updated. If you still haven’t done the Pick Up race in career mode, be sure to pick up the Ford SVT F-150 Lightning. The highlight of this week is the Suzuki ESCUDO Dirt Trial Car. In addition, there’s a good selection of RUFs this week.

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