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MacBook Pro Update Wishes

Editorial | Posted by Pesico
Feb 22 2011

With 6 Gran Turismo 5 related posts in a row, I figured it was high time to write about something else, and I’m gonna write about what I want out of the impending MacBook Pro refresh taking place on Thursday February 24th.

Right now I have a black MacBook 13,3″ 2,2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo machine. It’s still running fine, but I want a bigger screen and higher resolution. I wanted that for some time now and with the update supposed to take place Thursday this week as well as me starting to work full time from next week, what better time to get a new one right?

Mockup of MacBook ProThe picture above is a mock-up design of how a MacBook Pro in LiquidMetal could look like.

I’ve been following MacRumours and AppleInsider for some time now and there are some exiting rumors. One of them are LightPeak which is a high speed connection that can replace USB, Firewire and the Display Port. It’s also going to be faster than USB 3.0. Another is that the unibody that we see on todays MacBook Pro’s might be replaced with LiquidMetal, which may mean the MacBook Pro’s will be black or at least much darker again. That would be awesome!

What I Need
- 15″ Screen
- Higher resolution (this is given as it’s allready possible with todays MacBook Pro’s)

What I Want
- SSD Disk (fast boot up time, and Applications opens a lot faster)
- LightPeak or USB 3.0
- A black Mac, or a BlackBook Pro if you want

The Rumours

Apple is not likely to add USB 3.0 as they want to go for LightPeak in stead. The question is will it be included in this MacBook Pro refresh? It’s not unlikely at all. A lack of LightPeak or whatever Apple decides to call it, may be the only thing that will stop me from getting a new Mac during this refresh. Whenever I buy a new one, I’ll probably not buy a new one for at least 3 years, and it would suck to have an outdated machine only months or a year into that cycle (read USB 2.0 is slooooooooooooow).

SSD As Standard And No Optical Drive
SSD’s are really fast storage drives, but they are still pretty expensive. Based on recent rumours, they could be implemented in different ways. No big changes in this department is not unlikely, but they may become standard, if only in the higher end MacBook Pro’s or they may be cheaper to add in if you customize your MacBook Pro in the Apple Store online. A rumour that appeared today is that there might be a 8-16GB SSD that OS X will be stored on. This would not be considered the main storage drive of course, but it would improve the start up times on the machine by a lot.

Another possibility is that Apple will scrap the optical drive, making place for a SSD disc (128GB maybe) as OS X and Application storage drive and a big HDD for storing files. This would be great news for me as I have relatively no need for an optical drive. I use it so rarely that I can go for an external one in stead for those few times I need it. With the App Store now available for Mac, there really is no huge need for optical drives anymore for many, and having it at least as an option would give everyone a suitable choice.

Apple has signed an exclusive deal for the use of LiquidMetal. It’s a strong metal that is lighter than aluminum, and it also is a lot darker, which is something I would love. It’s doubtful if Apple are ready to introduce it during this refresh, but if they do, my jaw will drop!

That’s pretty much it. The MacBook Pro’s that are out allready are more than good enough for my use, but I really want LightPeak and cheaper SSD’s. I’ll be sure to follow any rumors and announcements over the next couple of days with excitement.

GT5 Seasonal Events #8: Course Maker Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
Feb 22 2011

The seasonal events updated on Friday last week, but I’ve been away since then, so that’s why I haven’t posted before now. Better late than never right? Anyway, for those that wasn’t all to impressed with the different Drivetrain and Ferrari Formula Challenges will be happy to see the Bonus Races coming back. It’s the format similar to special events when it comes to payouts. You get money for each position once and when you finish 1st, you have gotten all and driving them again will not yield more money, but there’s a very nice reward. In a nice surprise by Polyphony, they now include courses created with the Course Maker.

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GT5 Title Update 1.06 – Official Changelog

Uncategorized | Posted by Pesico
Feb 18 2011

Gran Turismo 5 has been updated to 1.06 and it weighs in at 301MB. Remote Racing, borrowing cars, more experience are among the highlights. I’m about to go away for the weekend, but I will be back with impressions on the title update and remote racing and how that works. In the mean time, take a look at the official change log. It’s a big one: Read the rest of this entry »

GT5: New Patch Going Live On February 18th

Title Update | Posted by Pesico
Feb 12 2011

Kazunori Yamauchi announced earlier today in a tweet that the new patch for Gran Turismo 5 will go live on February 18th, which is Friday next week.

@Kaz_Yamauchi: In the next update. What day 18 February. RT @ driftlover35r: @ Kaz_Yamauchi PP scheme is implemented or when? Have the same advantage in torque power difference, I get the penalty

The patch will include some fixes to the penalty system which has made the last round of GT Academy a disaster with a bunch of people cheating by cutting corners. It’s also expected to enable remote races. Money prizes from races is also expected to go back to normal, which in case of B-Spec means ridiculously low. So make sure you grind the Dream Car Championship as much as possible before this coming Friday.


GT5 Seasonal Events #7: Ferrari F1 Edition

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
Feb 10 2011

Are you one of those people that grinded away, bought one of the Ferrari F1 cars for 10 or 12,5 mill and then realized you couldn’t use them in A- and B-Spec mode? Well, you may be happy about the new seasonal events that after taking a break last week has seen a face lift. In stead of 5 races with huge money and XP rewards there are now 12 races divided into 4 events and the money and XP rewards are considerably lower. On the flip side, you can do them over and over again.

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Next GT5 Update Coming In Mid-February

News, Title Update | Posted by Pesico
Feb 07 2011

The next Gran Turismo 5 Title Update was scheduled to release early in February, but will be delayed with a new release window of mid-February. It is expected to enable Remote Racing and the ability to race B-Spec races by controlling it from a computer. With the recent events in the GT Academy, where people were cheating, they need some more time to fix penalties for cutting corners. After all, this isn’t a lawn mower game.

This was tweeted by Yamauchi.

Source: Yamauchi

Where Are The New Seasonal Events?

Seasonal Events | Posted by Pesico
Feb 04 2011

So the Online Collector’s Store updated as usual last night and brought a nice collection of 90′s Rally Cars, including the Lancia Delta HF Integrale from ’92. Also worth mentioning is the Caterham Seven Firablade ’02 and the Suzuki GSX-R/4 Concept ’01. What didn’t update and still hasn’t are the Seasonal Events. They did announce that it could be updated +/- a day from now on, but it has been more than 36 hours now.

Kazunori Yamauchi at least gave a rather limited answer on the subject on twitter:


So there you have it… Oh wait, I guess I don’t have that many Japanese readers, so I will explain. Yamauchi was asked whether the new seasonal events would be up soon, and he answered: “A little break”.

So what do we get out of this? Not to much. In Japan, it’s just past midnight into Saturday, so that probably means we won’t see any new events this week. In Japan, they celebrated Setsubun, which means “Beginning of Spring” (lucky guys, still winter here), so that may explain why we may not see any events this week. For any development, stay tuned to KittyGotWet.