GT5: New Seasonal Events Info

Posted by Pesico
Jan 25 2011

Ever since patch 1.05 I have had a lot of joy out of the Seasonal Events, which now is getting updated once a week. GT5 is all about cars and driving them, and the seasonal events forces me to drive cars I may not have driven otherwise. When booting up the game, you’ll get a news message about “Seasonal Events Update Schedule”. It reads as follows:

Our thanks to you all for your participation in the Seasonal Events!.

From this point the Seasonal Events will generally be updated on Thursday every week at 04:00 (GMT).

Please note that the timing of these updates may vary by +/- 1 day, we recommend checking the distribution periods as listed in the Event list screen.

This is pretty much how it has been the last few weeks, and nothing new really, but there’s more:

Make sure to keep an eye out for extra Special Events not included in the periodic updates! These will be notified separately in our news section.

That is interesting. If you remember the earlier Seasonal Events, they had requirements for weight and BHP that made them very hard. They where most likely removed due to consumer complaints. Maybe this will be a way for Polyphony Digital to give the hardcore fans some challenges, while still giving everyone else something fun to do every week. Just speculation at this point, but one thing is sure, I’ll blog about it as soon as I know more.

As always, keep following this blog for all info on Seasonal Events in GT5 as well as other gaming stuff.

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