Remote Races Coming To GT5 In February

Posted by Pesico
Jan 14 2011

Remote Races has been one of the promised features for Gran Turismo 5 and was originally planned to be available from December, but was later pushed back. Not much has been said about it, but has been updated with a planned release window to be February.

B-Spec Driver in GT5

Read on to find out more.

*The service for remote race is planned to start from February 2011.

To narrow it down even more, Yamauchi tweeted earlier today that the functionality would be available in early February:


You didn’t understand that? Me neither, here is the translated version:

Remote race, soon, and I can say around early February.

When this service is available, setting your drivers and car to “Share With Friends” will make them eligible for remote races, whether you start them or your friends does. All “My Drivers” that participates in the race will gain experience. It has not been said if you can gain experience towards your B-Spec rank, but with the sound of it, it does not look that way.

One thing that is for certain, as soon as the Remote Race functionality goes public, I’ll be blogging about it, giving a review on how it works. And since February is only next month, you better get crackin with making some fun named B-Spec drivers. I’ve found a few myself, like W(hite) House, F(ort) Knox and K(evin) James. Stay tuned!

B-Spec Official Info
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