First Impressions: The PlayStation Official App

Posted by Pesico
Jan 12 2011

Main Screen

There has been a few external PlayStation Apps that have shown trophy information and friends list status, but now, SCEE has released the first official App that does that. It was released yesterday for iOS and Android devices in UK, France, Germany, Spain Italy and The Netherlands, and they promise that the first update will contain a language update and will make the App available in most PAL territories. Read on to find out all the details about the App and how it works.

The first thing that got to me when I tried this App for the first time was the beautiful design. It’s absolutely amazing. The background is the same all over and the text and pictures float on top of it. It’s a tough thing to pull off a design like that, but when it works so well as it does in this App, it’s great. The transitions when you click on different stuff in this App also works great and adds to the great feeling of the general design of the App.

Trophy Overview

The App is pretty basic at this time and they have promised numerous improvements, so at this time, I don’t feel it’s time for a full review yet. The first section of the App is ‘My PSN’, and when you go in there you’ll see your friends list and whether they are online or not and what games they play. The order of the friends list seems completely random, but that will be improved in a later update.If you click on yourself, you’ll see an overview of your own trophies, as well as a possibility to see your last 4 earned trophies if you scroll to the right. You can also view your trophies, but at this time, it’s fairly limited as you can only see the list of games with a trophy percentage. You can’t go into the game and see specific trophies, but this is promised to be added in a future update. The same is true for comparing trophies with friends. One thing that disappointed me was that for people with a lot of trophies, they may not show them all. I’ve got close to 3,000 trophies and at least the first 3 games I got trophies in are not to be seen on the list. I hope they fix that.

Trophy Compare

The next section is ‘News & Blogs’ which lets you read news from (with filter possibilities for Latest, PSN, PS3, PSP and PS2) and the other let’s you read the PlayStation Blog. It’s not possible to comment on the blog posts yet, but this is also being worked on.

Blog News Item

The last two sections is ‘Browse all games’ and ‘More Than Games’. The first one lets you see information on all games available for PS3, PSP, PS2 and PSN as well as trailers. The ‘More Than Games’ section is information about services, peripherals and more.

Info on Uncharted 3 in the App

In conclusion, I’m very happy that SCEE is making an App for iOS and Android users. The basics are covered well with this first release. You get to see trophy information as well as reading the EU PlayStation Blog while also getting access to a lot of information about games and everything else related to PlayStation. And what’s even better is the support SCEE is planning to give this App. Not only with great features that the users have reqused, but there is also tablet versions for iPad and Android devices in the works. They haven’t given us a time table for that yet though.

So all in all, this is a great looking start to the Official PlayStation App and the future for the App looks great. Keep up the good work Sony.

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