Gran Turismo 5 With A Wheel – Beginner Series

Posted by Pesico
Jan 06 2011

Racing Set-Up

I’ve never really driven with a wheel when it comes to racing games. Different versions of the Dual Shock has been perfect for me since the PS1 days… until now. Some of the harder challenges in Gran Turismo 5 is to hard with a Dual Shock 3. I’m looking at you Red Bull Challenge! So I decided to get a wheel and it arrived today. I planned to make a blog post with impressions, but in stead, I’m gonna make a whole series of blog posts covering how each series in GT5 works with a wheel for a wheel noob like me.

First and foremost, I want to introduce my set-up. It’s a PlaySeat Champion racing chair and the important part, the wheel, is the Logitech G27. It’s a high end wheel, meaning it costs a lot, but it’s one of the better wheels on the market which made it an easy decision.

After setting it up, I went to work, got home, tried to set up a washing machine, which I failed at, gave up and started playing GT5. Here is my first impressions and what cars I used in the Beginner series.


Beginner Series
Throughout this series, I had Traction Control and ABS set to 1. The other aids was turned off. First out was the Sunday Cup. I got a Mazda Eunos Roadster J-Limited (NA) ’91 for Cr. 19,000 and fitted it with a Sports ECU for Cr. 1,000. This would have given me the Penniless trophy if I had started from scratch. The car clearly is good enough to win these 3 races, but it was my first race with a wheel, so I had no idea how this would turn out. At first it looks like I’m doing quite well, getting a lead relatively early on the 1st lap. Then this happens at the end of the lap:

My 1st lap with a wheel.

I spun out onto the track again and onto the other side of the track. The field passed me, but luckily, I managed to get going again and I won the race. The other 2 races went on without any incidents. I was 3 for 3 with a wheel and even with slow cars, this was a lot of fun. I continued on with the same car in the World Compact Car Race and won those to.

Things did go pretty well, and most importantly, I had a lot of fun with the wheel. Then I got a taster of how it is to drive a difficult car. In the Japanese Classics, I raced with a Dome-Zero Concept ’78 that spins if you look at it just a little to hard. The funny thing is that all the 3 races in this cup started with me taking a lead on the 1st lap and then spin out and get down to last place. It was a whole lot of playing catch up, but miraculously, I managed to get back and take the win in all 3 races by driving carefully.

I managed to win every race event in Beginner Series without to much hassle. This is Beginner Series after all, so it’s what I expected, but I’m new with a wheel so the confirmation that I’m not completely useless with a wheel is comforting. In the last 3 Beginner Series races, I got to use a little more powerful cars and that was a lot of fun. I could feel the force feedback in every little spin. At first it was weird, considering I’m only feeling it in my hands. Spinning with a real car makes you feel it in your whole body. All in all I had a blast, and I can see myself get lots of fun hours out of this expensive purchase. Underneath is a list of the cars I used.

Sunday Cup – Mazda Eunos Roadster J-Limited (NA) ’91
FF Challenge – Honda Mugen Motul Civic Si Race Car ’87 (Prize Car)
World Compact Car Race – Mazda Eunos Roadster J-Limited (NA) ’91
Lightweight K Cup – Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept ’07 (Prize Car)
Japanese Classics – Dome-Zero Concept ’78 (Prize Car)
Yaris Race – Vitz U Euro Sport Edition ’00 (Prize Car)
European Classic Car Championship – Ferrari 512BB ’76
World Classic Car Series – Buick Special ’62 (Prize Car)
FR Challenge – Maserati Gran Turismo S ’08 (Prize Car)

For a complete guide to every race event in Gran Turismo 5, check out the Race Series Guide on

8 Responses

  1. addmanrcace says:

    That is quite the investment! You are making me really wish I didn’t have school, so I could spend my life on Gran Turismo and games… Oh well. Nice post by the way. I’m looking forward to seeing how you do in the rest of the series.

  2. cas28 says:

    hey there i gotta admit….JELOUS… does look pretty awesome tho. i do have to ask about your trophy guide tho which is awesome too by the way but how did you manage to release your guide so early especially as the game was out the same time as your guide if you dont wanna answer that it no prob lol. have you got the platinum on gt5 yet

    • Pesico says:

      I always prepare before the game is released when I’m going to make guides. Extensive research and preparing every trophy image and format in BB Code format. I was lucky enough to get the game one day before release so I got to work with the game for an entire day before I released the guide. Keep in mind that the guide was far from finished, but it covered close to every trophy when I first released it (which is also a requirement).

  3. cas28 says:

    well thank you for taking the time out to do such an in depth guide even if it was unfinished at the time. i am a little concerned tho about having to have to use a wheel to get the platinum as i cant afford to buy 1 like alot of people out there, im gonna give it a go with a pad (particularly the red bull challenge) and hope it helps your guide (depending on if i fail or not) then that should give the pad users a glimmer of hope.

  4. cas28 says:

    also, i did find a reasonably quick way of ranking up your 2nd, 3rd etc b spec drivers do the grand valley endurance race with your main driver to get a good lead then pit, take out your lower level driver and let him do a few laps and repeat for however many drivers you have (max 4 for grand valley) then let your main driver finish the race, my 3 drivers were level zero and jumped straight to level 13 in 1 race, after 3 different endurance races they are all level 22 hope this helps

    • Pesico says:

      Thanks for registering cas. It would be sweet to get a confirmation on the possibility of using a pad to get the Red Bull Challenges. That’s the only reason why it would be impossible or at least very hard to do with a pad. The rest is doable, all tough a wheel makes it a lot easier.

      As for levelling up your other drivers, it’s just a matter of using an overpowered car in the endurance races. I’ve heard one person put a Class 0 driver in one of the 24 Hour races alone with a X2010 and he got from 0 to 36:D

  5. cas28 says:

    im glad i registered lol id have been stumped without your guide. right now im 71% complete with the trophies and homing in on lvl 30 quickly so ill let you no asap when i get there and how i cope.

    as for the b spec i did think that lol but didnt wanna take the chance of losing an endurance race but its great to have it confirmed, will spk soon buddy

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