App Review: GT5 Garage

Posted by Pesico
Dec 31 2010

GT5 Garage
by Jason Billingsley
Price: $0.99

I’ve been playing Gran Turismo 5 non-stop ever since it was released and I sat myself a rather hairy goal. Collect all 1031 cars in the game. Not only is it time consuming, but with the 800 Standard Model cars rotating for space in the Used Car Dealership, it makes it hard to spot them all if not careful. I started out with an Excel spreadsheet, moved over to an un-named internet site that stopped working when I needed it to, so I decided to look for an App.

Selecting cars.

GT5 Garage is pretty much everything I needed, but not much more than that. It has two main sections. The first one is the Car List. All the vehicle brands is listed here and when you tap on them, you get a list of every model within that brand. If you buy a Nissan GT-R ’07, you just scroll to Nissan, tap on that and then scroll down to the GT-R ’07 and tap on that. A check mark next to the car will appear marking you have the car. If you sell it, locate the car and tap again for the mark to disappear. That’s pretty much it to this section. The second section is called My Garage and is a list of all the cars you own as well as a percentage of all the cars in the game. I wish it had a number to, but at least it gives you an indication of how far on the path you are.

My Garage

This App is all about what it promises, but nothing more. Everything is in list form with black text on a white background. For the purpose of why I bought it, it works brilliantly. It would be nice to have info like if it’s a Premium or Standard model and even the Price. The difference between Premium and Standard is important, because it’s different ways of acquiring the cars, which in turn forces you to look elsewhere for that information. Loading the car lists of brands like Nissan and Mazda that have more than 100 cars each takes about a second to load, but it’s a very minor drawback.

The drawbacks mentioned is easy to forget when you look for cars. It’s easy and fast (mostly) to find the cars and to see if you have them or not. It’s also very easy to register the cars you buy. It would be nice with a better design or some more information, but it’s very useful for those that collect cars in Gran Turismo 5. The price is also as low as it can be without being free. I can easily recommend this App to anyone that collect cars or simply wants to have a nice overview of their collection on the go.

+ Easy to use
+ Useful if you collect cars in GT5
- Lacks info on Premium/Standard cars

Keywords: Useful, user-friendly

Score: 7 – Good

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  1. addmanrcace says:

    Nice to see we both did an app review around the same time. And nice review btw

    • Pesico says:

      I knew I wanted to write a post today, but didn’t really know what. So your App review inspired me. Actually kind of fun, and made me a lot more critique than I usually am.

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