UPDATED: Kevin Butler Mod coming to ModNation Racers?

Posted by Pesico
May 16 2010

So it’s been a (long?) while since I last posted. My apologies. I guess I’ve been busy playing Uncharted 2 Online. Have made a lot of videos on my youtubechannel that you all should take a look at.

However, that doesn’t have much to do with the headline now does it? For those unaware, Kevin Butler is a fictitious character that is VP of a lot of things in Sony’s US commercials. The last one is for ModNation Racers:

That also doesn’t have anything to do with the title. Get to the point I hear you tell me? All right, I will. A couple days ago PlayStation posted a photo on twitpic.

Huh? on Twitpic

Notice how it resembles Kevin Butler on wheels and even with a spoiler on his a… uh… back. Judging by the comments, PlayStation fans, me included, loves Kevin Butler and even a few people commented about that this picture was to teas something about Kevin Butler and ModNation Racers.

This even got more credibility after this tweet by PlayStation:

Update on this…thing: http://twitpic.com/1nt69q Monday AM will bring answers here: http://blog.us.playstation.com/

This could mean that we might see a Kevin Butler mod (character) in ModNation Racers along with a car. I would think that would be pretty sweet, but you should only treat it as a rumor for now, if even that.

Look for more ModNation Racers related posts here and videos on the youtube channel when I get the game. Stay tuned.

Update: It appears it wasn’t DLC after all, but an Artist Spotlight featuring Kevin Butler, VP of Mods this time. Video can be found below.

PS: At the end of the video, it says you can download Kevin Butlers mod, starting 25th of May. It won’t be DLC, but you have to search for a PSN ID. That PSN ID is Artistspotlight1.

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