A KittyGotWet Update

Posted by Pesico
Oct 09 2009

I’ve been very busy lately so I’m sorry I haven’t published the things I promised. There will be some changes to this blog. I’ll post some features now and then and som regular blog posts when I have time. One of those features is will be a recurring blogpost where I post a funny trophy and make a video on how to get it.

I’m also hard at work on making a better guideinterface on http://pesico.net and I hope to have it ready by the time Uncharted 2 is out next week. To make things even harder, I got a promotion to the guide team on ps3trophies.org earlier this week.

In stead of coming in to this site and be disappointed of now new posts, I suggest either subscribe to the rss feed and/or follow me on Twitter.

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