Uncharted 2: Cinema Mode

Posted by Pesico
Sep 07 2009

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, due out in october this year, is one of the most anticipated titles this year. It is expected to have an epic singleplayer mode, a great online mode with both competetive and co-op gameplay and with composer Greg Edmonson returning once again to do the music, it will also have an epic soundtrack. Teased at E3 was also a Cinema Mode. It was said that you would be able to upload footage from your online matches after editing it and also send it to friends. Hearing about that, I thought it was awesome. After viewing an exlusive interview made by Machinima.com, this mode is shaping out to be much more advanced than what they said at E3, or in short epic. I recommend looking at this interview to find out all the details about it after the break.

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  1. GhostViper says:

    I can’t wait. Perfect for a film school student.

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