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Breaking news: First person in the world to get an NHL 10 trophy…

Trophylist | Posted by Pesico
Aug 30 2009

and it’s not me, but I thought I’d make a video of it to show off the trophylist. With the game releasing on september 15th in the US, and september 17th in Europe, this one player allready got the first NHL 10 trophy on August 21st. For privacy reasons, I won’t give away the PSN id, but he’s probably a journalist, developer, gametester or something along those lines.

Uncharted 2 and NHL 10 Guides revealed

Guide | Posted by Pesico
Aug 25 2009

This is just a heads up that I’m planning to make guides for NHL 10 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. NHL 10 will release on september 17th in europe, while Uncharted 2 has no official release in europe yet, but is expected to come in october. It releases October 13th in North America.

The NHL 10 guide is 80% finished while the Uncharted 2 guide is not even started on (need the game obviously), but I’ve made a teaser trailer for it. Enjoy:

NHL 10: Demo impressions

Games | Posted by Pesico
Aug 21 2009

With NHL 10 under a month away, the demo was released on Xbox Live yesterday, with the promise of next week on the PS3. I saw no other choice than to dust off my Xbox 360, and take the demo for a test. Watch the video full of gameplay and make sure you read my impressions below. Read the rest of this entry »

NHL 10: EASHL Team on

Games | Posted by Pesico
Aug 20 2009

With NHL 10 fast approaching (15th september in US, 17th september in EU) and the trophies revealed, I see no better time then to prepare a PS3T Team for use in the EA Sports Hockey League. Before I go on, I want to stress that this site is not related in any way to I will update you all on my gaming activities, and most of those are done on, the best trophy community on the Internet.

For those unaware, EASHL is an online league where you play on a team as yourself. It’s a maximum of 6 players for each game (that even nets you a trophy), and a maximum of 50 players in the squad. Go to this thread over at ps3t to find out more about it, and how to sign up.

Welcome to

KittyGotWet | Posted by Pesico
Aug 20 2009

I’m very happy to welcome you all to This will be a blog mainly about games, trophies and what goes on in the gaming world, especially within the great PlayStation family. It won’t be a full out news site, but I’ll give my views on the biggest news out there and what goes on in my gaminglife.
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